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Today's Prayer 1.15.19

Posted by Beth Roeder on 1/15/19

Hebrews 3:7-8 New International Version (NIV)

Warning Against Unbelief

7 So, as the Holy Spirit says:

“Today, if you hear his voice,8     do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion,     during the time of testing in the wilderness…


There are many times that I have to stop and ... Read More »

Today's Prayer 1.14.19

Posted by Beth Roeder on 1/14/19

Enter my heart O Lord

Fill it with grace and healing.

You are my compass through the day

As the seasons come and go,

Help me to be steadfast

Seeing others as you do

So I can bring your presences to others. Amen

Today's Prayer 1.12.19

Posted by Beth Roeder on 1/12/19

vv Early morning silence Allows for time with you Lord, I pray for peace and guidance Though out the day. When I doubt your will for me Lord May I remember your promise To be at my side Filling me, walking with me Empowering me with your spirit. To ... Read More »

Today's Prayer 1.10.19

Posted by Beth Roeder on 1/10/19


“Lord, every nation on earth will adore you.” Psalm 72

Today, I praise you in adoration,

I ask only to be allowed to adore you today.

You have walked with me and loved me

Even when I felt undeserving,

For this and more I praise you and kneel ... Read More »

Today's Prayer 1.9.19

Posted by Beth Roeder on 1/09/19

x "This is how we know that we remain in him and he in us, that he has given us of his Spirit.” (1 John 4:13) Lord, it is comforting to know, that you remain in us. It is in this, your spirit that I place my trust. I ... Read More »

Today's Prayer: 1.8.19

Posted by Beth Roeder on 1/08/19

x Mk 6.34 “his heart was moved with pity for them…”   Lord, your pity is a result of your compassion for me, A compassion rooted in love sprung from bringing hope Grant me your kind of pity in others I may see So that I may bring each ... Read More »

Today's Prayer 1.7.19

Posted by Beth Roeder on 1/07/19

Oh, dreary day, I ask Where is God, please unmask. I am not filled with light, I do not feel His delight. Oh, dreary of dreariest day, Lord protect me as you may. Lead me, send your spirit down For today, your light needs to be found.

Today's Prayer 1.6.19

Posted by Beth Roeder on 1/06/19

The Magi had a purpose. They stayed focus and accomplished their mission and didn’t get tied up in political events.

Let prayer fill our hearts, that like the Magi we stay focused on the purpose God has for us. That political events to change our course. Guide us and ... Read More »

Today's Prayer 1.5.19

Posted by Beth Roeder on 1/05/19

  Unhardened Heart It comes to mind From unhardened heart Healing breaks through When trust is given To only you. So I give my worries, sorrows Anger, all I carry So that healing seeps through Heart and soul For in the healing your light Brightly shines through the night ... Read More »

Today's Prayer 1.4.19

Posted by Beth Roeder on 1/04/19

The Day Lord, you ask that I follow you, The path is not easy as This world has different ideas This world has temptations Yet if you can grant me courage, I know, in this world, I can Bring a piece of you. This day as I go about ... Read More »