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Thinking About You

Posted by Dan Hull on 3/21/18

Each week as I write this column I try to share with you a little bit of what has been on my mind during the week. Sometimes it is personal, like the times I have reflected on the passing of a close friend or relative. Sometimes it is just ... Read More »

Events Update

Posted by Dan Hull on 3/13/18

I just thought I would take this opportunity to keep you updated on some of the things that have been happening behind the scenes here at St. James.

The proposed renovation of our worship space is still moving ahead. The renovation committee is in the final stages of identifying ... Read More »

The Holiest Week of the Church Year

Posted by Dan Hull on 3/07/18

We are coming up on the holiest week of the church year when we celebrate the Triduum (pronounced: tr ĭ j –ŏŏ-umm). It literally means the “three days”. 

Every year we encourage our parishioners to clear their schedules so they can participate in the liturgies of Holy Thursday, Good ... Read More »

Fr. Bernie’s homily last Sunday

Posted by Dan Hull on 2/26/18

Fr. Bernie’s homily last Sunday had everyone’s attention. In response to the tragic school shooting in Parkland Florida he recounted the times in his priestly ministry when he was called upon to those who were confronting meaningless suffering and death. He focused a lot upon suicide, perhaps because it ... Read More »

Eagle Scout

Posted by Dan Hull on 2/20/18

As I write this I am looking forward to participating in Alex Gebhard’s Eagle Scout award ceremony. It is an accomplishment that is years in the making and it involves not only the individual Boy Scout but it also involves the work of many, many, good people. I know ... Read More »

1st Sunday of Lent - 2/18/18

Posted by Dan Hull on 2/15/18

We have once again entered the season of Lent. It is a time to stop and reflect on what’s not working for you in life and to make a change to something that does. If you are like me, it is all too easy to name a dozen things ... Read More »

Catholic Stewardship Appeal video

Posted by Dan Hull on 2/08/18

This weekend we viewed the annual Catholic Stewardship Appeal video. In it the Archbishop describes how your donation contributes to the many charitable works of the Archdiocese. As members of the Archdiocese I encourage all of us to give generously to the CSA appeal. The church has always encouraged ... Read More »


Posted by Dan Hull on 2/01/18

One of the challenges of our Christian Faith is applying it in our everyday lives. Believing in the Trinity, or in transubstantiation (the bread and wine becoming the body and blood of Christ) are certainly major teachings of the theology of our Catholic faith but they tend to have ... Read More »

Mission Work in Peru

Posted by Dan Hull on 1/24/18

As I write this article, Donna Horrigan is scheduled to make another trip down to Piura, Peru where she will be using her skills as a physical therapist to minister to the people of Santisimo Sacramento Parish. This is the parish led by Milwaukee born Fr. Joe Uhen. If ... Read More »

45th anniversary of Roe v Wade

Posted by Dan Hull on 1/18/18

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v Wade that legalized abortion on demand in the United States. Since 1973, when    Roe v. Wade was decided, it is estimated that over 57 million babies have been denied the right to life. This tragedy ... Read More »