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Posted by Dan Hull on 11/16/18

Thanksgiving Day is coming up and it marks the beginning of the holiday season. It is usually marked by football games, turkey dinners, and signals the start of the Christmas shopping frenzy. All of these things are part of our culture and have their place, but I am also ... Read More »

Growing the Parish

Posted by Dan Hull on 11/09/18

In our last parish council meeting we had a very long discussion concerning how to grow the parish community of St. James. We’ve been doing a number of things over the past few years. Some of the more obvious things are the improvements to the parking lot and the ... Read More »

It has happened again

Posted by Dan Hull on 11/03/18

It has happened again. A person who is perhaps a little unbalanced and certainly filled with prejudice and hatred, has taken his hatred into a house of prayer along with his automatic weapons and slaughtered the innocent while they were at prayer. 

The people who gathered at the Tree ... Read More »


Posted by Dan Hull on 10/25/18

Of all the stories that the nightly news is following I’m most intrigued by the one about the caravan of immigrants coming up from Central America. Our president says he’s going to call on military to meet them at the border. Many Americans who have been interviewed have expressed ... Read More »


Posted by Dan Hull on 10/24/18

Fall is a beautiful time of the year. The gold and red leaves turn the trees into hillsides of dazzling bouquets and the crisp air can be quite invigorating. It is a time of harvest and celebration. And yet at the same time fall brings with it an undertone ... Read More »

“religion classes”

Posted by Dan Hull on 10/10/18

Many people stop taking “religion classes” when they get Confirmed. When you are a kid, your parents can make you go to CCD classes, but once you got confirmed the pressure was off and many people never take another organized theology or religion class again. This is unfortunate because, ... Read More »

Respect All Life

Posted by Dan Hull on 10/04/18

October is Respect Life Month for the Catholic Church. We should all know by now that the Church teaches that “life is sacred and that abortion is murder”.  But we can’t stop there. The Church also teaches that we have a responsibility to all life, not just the unborn. 

... Read More »

Anointing of the Sick - Back to the root

Posted by Dan Hull on 9/27/18

This weekend we are celebrating the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. It is something the pastoral care team looks forward to each year. During the Second Vatican Council there was a movement to renew the church by making some radical changes. Sometimes the word radical means going to ... Read More »

Perspective is everything

Posted by Dan Hull on 9/20/18

This past week we had the parking lot resealed. The project was necessary to preserve and extend the life of the parking surface. It was also inconvenient. Annie and I had to park our cars over at Baker pool and I had to close the parish office while the ... Read More »

Visit from an old friend.

Posted by Dan Hull on 9/14/18

This past week I had a visit from a friend of mine whom I have known since high school. He flew in from the Pacific Northwest and he spent a few days just hanging out with Annie and me. It was different from hanging out with other friends because ... Read More »