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Christmas Cards

Posted by Dan Hull on 12/13/17

Whatever your opinion about the practice of sending and receiving Christmas cards it does give us an opportunity to reflect on our lives. This year my wife took the lead in marshaling our resources to accomplish this seasonal task of correspondence (to be honest, she takes the lead every year).

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Don't forget about Advent

Posted by Dan Hull on 12/07/17

In our fast paced modern American culture the season of Advent seems out of place. As the money saving deals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are seen as increasingly important in our consumer consciousness the Sundays of Advent marked by the lighting of candles on a wreath, have ... Read More »

Christmas Mass Schedule

Posted by Dan Hull on 12/01/17

As we countdown to Christmas you might notice that this year Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday. The inevitable question that I will get is “Does going to Mass on Christmas Eve fulfill both my Christmas and Sunday obligation?”

 My standard answer is “If you have to ask you ... Read More »

39th Anniversary

Posted by Dan Hull on 11/21/17

This week Annie and I celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary.  When you think of milestone anniversaries you might think 1st or 10th, for sure 25th and of course 50th, but 39? For most people it just isn’t that significant. So what do you do on your 39th or other ... Read More »

Blessed Solanus Casey

Posted by Dan Hull on 11/15/17

Both Carl Reyes and Ambrose Siers are away this weekend. They will be joining about 70,000 others at Ford Field in Detroit for the beatification Mass of Solanus Casey (25 November 1870 – 31 July 1957). 

Solanus was born Bernard Francis Casey, one of sixteen children on a farm ... Read More »

Yet another tragic shooting

Posted by Dan Hull on 11/09/17

We have witnessed yet another tragic shooting. This time in the sanctity of a Christian church during Sunday worship. People just like us. Men, women and children, people just like us. 

Since the Sikh temple shootings in Oak Creek in 2012 we have been discussing what to do to ... Read More »

I have a joke about the hereafter:

Posted by Dan Hull on 11/01/17

I have a joke about the hereafter: 

The older one gets it is not unusual to think more and more about the hereafter. Now that I am past 60 I find that this is true. It seems that almost every day I find myself entering a room and as ... Read More »

Count Your Blessings

Posted by Dan Hull on 10/24/17

Annie and I are away from St. James this weekend. We are in the Detroit area helping our daughter and her family move from an apartment into their first house. Although helping people move can be a load of work, it is also a moment to stop and remember ... Read More »

All Saints Day and All Souls Day

Posted by Dan Hull on 10/20/17

The month of November begins with the celebration of All Saints Day and All Souls Day. These two celebrations help to remind us of something at the very core of our Christian faith and that is that Christ is Lord of the living and the dead. Even though death ... Read More »

Sermon on the Mount

Posted by Dan Hull on 10/10/17

Most of us have heard of the “Sermon on the Mount” and we might even know that it contains the Beatitudes, but beyond that, most of us really don’t know what is in Jesus’ most revered teaching. The sermon is addressed to Jesus’ disciples and lays out what Jesus ... Read More »