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Perspective is everything

Posted by Dan Hull on 9/20/18

This past week we had the parking lot resealed. The project was necessary to preserve and extend the life of the parking surface. It was also inconvenient. Annie and I had to park our cars over at Baker pool and I had to close the parish office while the ... Read More »

Visit from an old friend.

Posted by Dan Hull on 9/14/18

This past week I had a visit from a friend of mine whom I have known since high school. He flew in from the Pacific Northwest and he spent a few days just hanging out with Annie and me. It was different from hanging out with other friends because ... Read More »

Why do I stay?

Posted by Dan Hull on 9/14/18

As a Catholic, I have been asked “Why are you still in the Church after all these scandals?” To be honest this would not be the first time I have been asked this question and it certainly won’t be the last. 

Saint Peter told us, “Always be prepared to ... Read More »

Fr. Joe Uhen - Santisimo Sacramento Parish in Piura Peru

Posted by Dan Hull on 8/30/18

Last weekend we had the great pleasure of having Fr. Joe Uhen preside and preach about our twinning relationship with Santisimo Sacramento Parish in Piura Peru. This relationship has been growing slowly but surely over the last 5 years. At the information session after each of last weekend’s Masses, ... Read More »

Can you hear us now????

Posted by Dan Hull on 8/15/18

One of the most persistent complaints that I receive from parishioners is that they sometimes have a hard time hearing what is said in church. If you are one of the folks who has had trouble hearing me or others, I don’t want you to think that your complaint ... Read More »

Ever changing............

Posted by Dan Hull on 8/08/18

Sometimes I get overwhelmed at the ever increasing pace of change that takes place in our world. For example, this past week a colleague who retired a few years ago from one of our neighboring parishes stopped by to ask for a small favor. She said she would have ... Read More »

It's August already.....

Posted by Dan Hull on 8/06/18

I can’t believe it is August already!  I had so many things that I was going to do this summer and I think my list is only half finished.  I’m almost finished reading my summer novel. (It seems that since I passed the age of 60 I don’t get ... Read More »

St James Feast Day

Posted by Dan Hull on 7/11/18

Saint James Feast Day 

July 25th is the Feast day of Saint James our Patron saint. We traditionally celebrate this feast on the weekend nearest this date. This year that falls on July 28 & 29. Over the years we have celebrated this date in a number of ways.

... Read More »

Fr. Joe Uhen, our annual Mission Co-op speaker

Posted by Dan Hull on 7/05/18

A few years ago we welcomed Fr. Joe Uhen as our annual Mission Co-op speaker. He told us of his work at Santisimo Sacramento Parish in Piura Peru, and then he did something quite unusual. He invited anyone who wanted to visit to come see him in Peru. One ... Read More »


Posted by Dan Hull on 6/25/18

The issue of immigration has been in the news a lot lately. Our fear of accepting Syrian refugees, the proposed  border wall to protect our southern border, zero tolerance policies which separated children from their parents and ICE raids in different communities across our land just to name a few. 

Catholic Social teaching addresses this very difficult and emotional issue. In relation to the need to reform our immigration policies, the U.S. Bishops have articulated five key principles which they feel  need to be addressed. They are as follows:  Persons have the right to find opportunities in their homeland. Persons have a right to migrate to support themselves and their families. Sovereign nations have a right to control their borders. Refugees and asylum seekers should be afforded protection. The human rights and the human dignity of undocumented migrants should be ... Read More »