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Parish Talent

Posted by Dan Hull on 1/10/19

Last week we were treated to a wonderful Christmas music concert by the members of St. James’ music ministry. People are still commenting on the wealth of musical talent that exists in so many of our parish members, young and old. As impressed as I was by the concert, ... Read More »


Posted by Dan Hull on 1/08/19

Every year I make the usual New Year’s resolutions, to lose weight, go to the gym, etc. They usually fall to the wayside after four or five weeks and I go back to my normal routine. This year I am trying something completely different. First of all I am ... Read More »

Christmas Message

Posted by Dan Hull on 12/14/18

The Feast of Christmas is a moment when Christians are asked to celebrate the incarnation and to ask themselves “What difference has believing in Christ made in my life”

Do I let my faith influence my politics?

Do I use my gifts of time, talent and treasure to bring ... Read More »

Getting Older

Posted by Dan Hull on 12/14/18

One of the “benefits” of getting older is that you get to experience any number of the advances in medical technology. These past few weeks I’ve been dealing with DVT or blood clots in my leg. (We have a history of them in my family but I would have ... Read More »

Advent 2

Posted by Dan Hull on 12/04/18

We Christians celebrate the virtue of Hope in the Advent Season. Hope is not “wishful thinking” like “I hope the Packers make the playoffs.”  Or “I hope I win the lottery!” Christian hope is something different, it is not a “what if” it is a “when”, The hope we ... Read More »

Immaculate Conception

Posted by Dan Hull on 12/01/18

This year the December 8 Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception (always a holy day of obligation) falls on a Saturday – coinciding with the second weekend of Advent. The Archdiocese explained a number of options about how we could handle this and we chose the option of having our ... Read More »


Posted by Dan Hull on 11/16/18

Thanksgiving Day is coming up and it marks the beginning of the holiday season. It is usually marked by football games, turkey dinners, and signals the start of the Christmas shopping frenzy. All of these things are part of our culture and have their place, but I am also ... Read More »

Growing the Parish

Posted by Dan Hull on 11/09/18

In our last parish council meeting we had a very long discussion concerning how to grow the parish community of St. James. We’ve been doing a number of things over the past few years. Some of the more obvious things are the improvements to the parking lot and the ... Read More »

It has happened again

Posted by Dan Hull on 11/03/18

It has happened again. A person who is perhaps a little unbalanced and certainly filled with prejudice and hatred, has taken his hatred into a house of prayer along with his automatic weapons and slaughtered the innocent while they were at prayer. 

The people who gathered at the Tree ... Read More »


Posted by Dan Hull on 10/25/18

Of all the stories that the nightly news is following I’m most intrigued by the one about the caravan of immigrants coming up from Central America. Our president says he’s going to call on military to meet them at the border. Many Americans who have been interviewed have expressed ... Read More »