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Not by Bread Alone

Not by Bread Alone

Update on this Blog

Posted by Fredric Hang on 6/29/21

Greetings readers!


This is to let you k now that this blog, which I have been writing almost every week since last September, is going on a summer hiatus.  


If there is enough interested in my continuing these blogs, I will resume again in September.  So please ... Read More »

A Divided Church

Posted by Fredric Hang on 6/18/21

It would be an understatement to say that the Catholic Church in this country is divided.  Very much like our country politically, there is a growing trend to takes 'sides' on hot topic issues and point fingers.  This is particularity highlighted this weekend as the Bishops meet to discuss ... Read More »

Decisions, Decisions

Posted by Fredric Hang on 5/21/21

Each day we are faced with a multitude of decisions.  Some are as simple as choosing what to have for our next meal.  Other are more complex and important: is it time to move a loved one to hospice?  Should I get that surgery or wait?  Do I make ... Read More »


Posted by Fredric Hang on 5/07/21

The Examen is a method of reflecting upon your day with God. An Ignatian spiritual practice it’s a form of prayer that embraces gratitude and an attitude of courage and strength as well as hopeful anticipation that are born of practicing our faith. It takes about 10-15 minutes at ... Read More »

Act, Love and Walk

Posted by Fredric Hang on 4/29/21

One of the silver linings of these Covid months has been the opportunity to catch up on some excellent television viewing.  I am drawn to dramas and documentaries.  There have been an abundance of each of these lately, especially documentaries on social justice issues, and of course, a number ... Read More »

A Generous Heart

Posted by Fredric Hang on 4/23/21

There is a lovely little story in Luke’s Gospel that for me gets right to the heart of true generosity.

"Jesus looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the offering box, and he saw a poor widow put in two small copper coins. And he said, ... Read More »

Hidden One

Posted by Fredric Hang on 4/15/21

In my spiritual life, sometimes God feels more absent than present.  I know that this is just a feeling, and not the reality, but I think many others have this experience as well on their faith journey.   In many biographies of the life of Mother Theresa, this experience ... Read More »

Let Your Clay Be Moist

Posted by Fredric Hang on 4/08/21

"Just as clay is in the potter's hands for her to shape as she pleases, so are we in the hands of our Creator for him to do as he wishes."   Sirach 33:13

With April underway, the hardened earth of winter is giving way to the soft mud and ... Read More »

God Anoints My Head With Oil

Posted by Fredric Hang on 4/02/21

Last evening at the Holy Thursday Eucharist, I was moved, as I always am, by the ritual blessing of the oils.   These include Chrism – used in the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Orders, as well as for the consecration of altars and the dedication of churches; the ... Read More »

May Your Troubles Keep You Near the Cross

Posted by Fredric Hang on 3/26/21

    This past week I was introduced to a very powerful song by an artist named Jonathan McReynolds, called God is Good.  I pass along the key lyrics as a meditation as we prepare for Holy Week and the great feast of Easter:     May your struggles ... Read More »


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