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Not by Bread Alone

Not by Bread Alone

Answered? Prayers

Posted by Fredric Hang on 3/04/21

  I recall my fifth grade teacher, a nun, telling us to be very careful what we pray for..because, she said, "prayer works".  I think this is what 'Lucy' (from the Peanuts comic strip) discovered one day.  Linus is in the kitchen eating his morning cereal when Lucy walks ... Read More »

Fighting the Good Fight

Posted by Fredric Hang on 2/26/21


With a last name like “Hang” I have heard the expression ‘Hang in There’ a lot as a kid. I still do as an adult. It is a phrase folks often use when they are trying to encourage you to not give up when the going is difficult. And ... Read More »

The Little Flower

Posted by Fredric Hang on 2/19/21

St. Thérèse of Lisieux, God's 'Little Flower'

This late 19th century Discalced Carmelite nun has been a 'go to' saint for me for decades.  As a young boy I recall my parents taking my sisters and me to a movie about her life.  I do not recall the title ... Read More »

The Beauties & Mysteries of Winter

Posted by Fredric Hang on 2/05/21

Icicles, snow drifts, gusty winds, slippery roads, ice trucks, snowmen, snow angels, ice fishing, gloves, and scarves and layers, oh my the layers!  Such are the joys and burdens of winter.  The light of each day, however, does last a little longer as we plod through these weeks toward ... Read More »

Light of the World

Posted by Fredric Hang on 1/29/21

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine ... Read More »

'Ayes' to See and Ears to 'Here'

Posted by Fredric Hang on 1/22/21

  "Eyes to see and ears to hear."  Ezekiel 12:1-2   As I reflected on this brief passage it occured to me that part of the meaning is that we need ayes to see - we need to say more yeses!  Aye to who we are, aye to what we ... Read More »

The Work of Our Hands

Posted by Fredric Hang on 1/14/21

The harsh air of winter can do a number on our hands.  This morning when I was applying some hand lotion to my dry and cracked hands, I stopped to ponder these miraculous protrusions of our human bodies.  I was aided by this brief meditation from Karl Joseph Friedrich ... Read More »

Two Wolves

Posted by Fredric Hang on 1/02/21


I used to commonly say to people, "Have a nice day!"  But then I heard a friend say instead, "Make it a nice day,"  and that has really stuck with me.  "Having" a nice day is sort of passive, I'll 'let' it happen to me.  "Making" a nice ... Read More »

Merry Christmas and a Hope filled 2021!

Posted by Fredric Hang on 12/23/20

Praying you all have a very blessed and serene Christmas and a very happy new year. Like all of 2020 whch will soon be behind us, we do not really know what is before us in the days, weeks and months ahead of 2021. But I take great comfort in ... Read More »

A Frog in the Manger

Posted by Fredric Hang on 12/18/20

I collect frogs.  I have ever since I was a boy.  My office here at St. James is loaded with them.  Frog buttons, a frog cap, frog candles, stuffed frogs of various shapes and sizes.  (No live frogs though)!  Over the years I have collected so many frog ornaments ... Read More »


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