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April 3, 2018

Members Excused:  Jane C. and Erica S.

Opening Prayer/Reading:  Roz S.

Approval of Minutes for: March 6, 2018 – corrected version sent out.

Visitors/Comments:  None present

Ministry Reports:   

            Bldg. & Grds - Still need to finish the ceilings in stairwell and hallway to CH.  Spring Clean-up is set for Sat. the 14th of April.                                                                      Faith Formation – Compliments to the students who organized and held the “Stations of the Cross”Debate/discussion on-going about replacing the 6:00 pm Mass on Sun. with the 5:00 pm on Sat.  July 15th is Family Faith Formation Sunday.  Next mtg. date is April 8th.   Donut - Hospitality Flyer is completed and looks quite    nice.

            Finance – Contenders for the contracting job on the renovation is down to two.  Work on the budget is still being done.  Erica and Kristen are still working on formatting the SCRIP program.  Procurement and installation of security cameras is still under discussion.  An extension is being sought on the sale of our property in lieu of the city’s increasing demands from the parish to build an access road.

           History – Still a work-in-progress, as all members have been taking turns being ill. 

          Human Concerns – Annie met with Catholic Charities personnel to talk with them about their outreach and case management services.  Everyone is gearing up for the focus-on-ministry weekend coming up...tri-fold has been designed and printed and speakers have been chosen for all of the Masses.  How to use the funds (25%) from the Rice Bowl Program...they’ve supported St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry in the past.

            Parish Life – Soup sales – 04/14 & 15; Trivia Night – 04/28; Welcoming meeting will be on 04/15; Future of the Chick Flick program is in jeopardy, since the Archdiocese is declaring we can’t hold this program because the films are copy-written and the rights to show them must be paid for.  More to come.                                            Prayer & Worship – Most of their activities have been wrapped up in preparations for   the Easter Season, which came out very successfully.  Carl is excited for the opportunity to purchase a new set of bells (additional octave), but they will cost  about $5000.00, which is money not readily available at this time.                                          Stewardship – They have been going over the results of the seminar “Christian Use of Money” (Feb. 19) that was led by a Financial Representative from Thrivent, Sharon Staley-Smith.  The program was to be offered on multiple evenings, but there was no interest after the first evening’s presentation.  The information was deemed valuable, but the lack of attendance makes it something to be considered for the future.  Dan’s book-study on “YOU NEW MONEY MINDSET” was also  put ‘on hold’.                                                                                                      

            Technology – No meeting was held, but the Social Media group met, but there are no notes available at this time.  Working on the possibility of acquiring new PCs.       

            Welcoming – Next Lobby appearance is on April 15th, but there is a problem with  available space in the lobby with the Soup Sale going on.

Parish Director’s Report – (Beth) The Staff is reviewing the outcome of all Easter Services. Faith formation is winding down.  Would like to see a 6-week program on discernment, with the focus on the 12th graders.  Adult program for the retreat “On the Cross” went well and people are asking for more.  The Archdiocese will be offering a three-day program, in Oct. on “Amazing Parishes”...  They are looking for 3-4 members, from each parish, to attend; but expect them to be committed to staying over the entire three days,       not attending and going home each evening.  More information as it becomes available.

PC Member Nomination Process – (Chris, Jane & Irene)  There will be announcements from the pulpit and speakers at each of the Masses on the weekend of April 21 and 22, encouraging people to consider themselves, and others, for nomination to the Council. This year we will be seeking four nominees/members.  Efforts are to be made to engage the different Ministries, in hopes that these members might be able to suggest more people (qualified parishioners) to be   nominated.  The outline for the Evening of  Discernment was given out, and is following the same basic agenda as last year.  It is desired to have the nomination process be completed by our next PC meeting - date (May 1st), followed by a special meeting of the PC on May 8th to review all nominees, and decide whom to invite to the Discernment Night on May 23rd.  A letter has been drafted, to be sent to those nominees that are chosen for the discernment is being edited. 

Common Meeting Night - prioritization Exercise – A new way of evaluating our findings from the Common Meeting Night, as being set in some ‘order of importance’.  The   exercise was highly interesting and eye-opening.  The results will be evaluated by all members to discern those items of high priority and ability to achieve in a reasonable amount of time.  To be continued...  (See attachment) -

OLD BUSINESS & NEW BUSINESS – The ice cream social will be held after the final Children’s Mass on May 20th.  It was suggested that the Pastoral Council members be present at this event, as it would be helpful in connecting with parents of younger children

Next Agenda/Executive Meeting:  To be decided at a later date.

Next Meeting Date/Reading:  May 1st/Irene T. (JN 15:9-17)

Adjournment:   8:25 pm


Submitted by – Judy Freimark, Secretary