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April 3, 2018

Posted by Donna Brown on 4/17/18

Members Excused:  Jane C. and Erica S.

Opening Prayer/Reading:  Roz S.

Approval of Minutes for: March 6, 2018 – corrected version sent out.

Visitors/Comments:  None present

Ministry Reports:   

            Bldg. & Grds - Still need to finish the ceilings in stairwell and hallway to CH.  Spring Clean-up is set ... Read More »

March 6, 2018

Posted by Donna Brown on 4/11/18

Members Excused: Jane C. and Roz S.

Opening Prayer/Reading: Delores S.

Approval of Minutes for: February 6th – approved as written

Visitors/Comments: None present

“Common Ministry Meeting Night” Review:

Bruce provided all members with compilations of all three sets of questions (comprised of two relevant questions in each set) ... Read More »

February 6, 2018

Posted by Donna Brown on 4/11/18

ST. JAMES CATHOLIC CHURCHPastoral Council MinutesFebruary 6, 20186:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.Mission Statement:To continue Jesus’ work of calling all people into a loving relationship with GodPresent: Bruce V., Dan H., Chuck C., Jane C., Irene T., Roz S., Delores S., Peter P., Roger B., Erica S.Excused: Ellen S., Judy ... Read More »