August 7, 2018

Members Excused:  Erica S., Chuck C.   (Craig Bartsch has withdrawn from the PC)                                                                                                           Opening Prayer/Reading:  Andrew W.

Approval of Minutes for: June 5, 2018 – approved as written                                            Visitors/Comments:  None present   

Chair Report:                                                                                                                     Focus on Ministry “What does it mean to be a liaison?” - Presentation to follow                                                                                                  

       Feast Day Report Was well attended; no complaints, but many positive comments on the food and work done by all the volunteers; parish members used the opportunity to socialize with other parishioners.  The only negative observation had to do with no specific ‘directions’ for the workers to follow and be efficient.  A number of parishioners asked where the information on the raffle winners was located. [The Raffle raised about $5000!]  The council decided that an ad hoc committee be made, [Judy Freimark offered to be chair.] to organize a work plan, in hopes of standardizing the operation of future Feast Days. Bernie Bellin and a couple of long-time organizers of past Feast Days will be consulted.                      

        Franklin Night Out – Most the Council members who went, found it to be well-liked by all attendees.  Our booth handed out many flyers with Raffle and Parish information, MANY balloons, and a substantial amount of the Pocket Prayer Shawls.  Great interest was shown for the shawls, especially by kids, because the colors caught their eyes...which created the opportunity for us to share our faith and encourage them to consider others in their everyday lives.  Dennis Horrigan, who has attended both events, will be asked to supply a summation of the events, to be presented to the PC, which should help with future plans on attending these events.

Directors Report:    Dan informed the Council of a meeting he attended where he learned a lot about Franklin’s “2005: Unified Plan for Zoning” (551 pages), which helped explain the City Council’s attitude about our desire to sell acreage and needing to build an access road to connect the businesses on either side of our location.  Plans are being made to present the City Council with an acceptable Certified Survey Map, outlining our need to postpone installing an access road immediately.  Finally, Dan has been approached by a number of developers who have offered different ideas about the uses of the land we wish to sell.

“What Does It Mean to be a Liaison?”  Bruce presented a slide show on the question of what it actually means when PC members are assigned as liaisons to the parish Commissions.  Handouts of the presentation, without pictures, were given to the PC members, with suggestions to use them in their dealings with the commissions to which they liaison.  This should help our Commissions realize how their works and events contribute to the overall Mission Statement.                                                                                                                      Dan offered a description of all the office staff and what their respective responsibilities to the parish are designed to be; and how their liaising to the various commissions were meant to help with the successful workings of the parish.  Hopefully this understanding of roles will help the PC members become better liaisons.

Sacramento Santissimo:  Padre Joe Uhen will be visiting St. James on the weekend of Aug. 25th & 26th.  Dan has visited with Fr. Tony Zimmer, of St. Anthony’s on the Lake, whose parish has had an ongoing relationship with Sacrament Santissimo, to seek information of how successful their relationship with SS has been, and what they have done to make it work for all concerned.                                                                                                                         The Mission Trip Committee, consisting of Donna Horrigan, Andrew Weisensel and Judy Freimark, will be meeting tomorrow evening with Dan to discuss the many aspects that we are going to face during this twinning process...because we want to get it right while still achieving our Parish Mission Statement.  More to follow.

Ministry Reports:   None given this evening, due to time restraints.      

NEW BUSINESS –                                                                                                                                       

        1) Bruce asked if members had considered holding another Retreat; we discussed the need for a sub-committee to spearhead the research possibilities – committee designation to be considered at the next meeting.                                                                                                              

        2) With Craig’s departure the PC has to face the need to recruit new members.                            

        3) Delores presented a request from the Worship Commission that consideration of ‘teaching moments’ for parishioners be made, by offering, basically, a word-a-week (bulletin insert) covering the ‘items’ used within the church during sacramental/mass services.  She was requested to return to the commission, to have a proposition made with the concepts they see as encompassing this goal.  Also, it was questioned if the Worship C. was the right one to push this forward...possibly it would fall under the auspices of the Formation C. instead.                                                                                                                                

        4) Jim questioned whether we should continue Donut Sundays, as there is a serious issue with finding people to volunteer to host them.  We need to consider retaining the current non-working system vs considering our options to find a better system.

Next Agenda/Executive Meeting:  August 21st.

Next Meeting Date:  September 4th, @ 6:30 pm, Rm. #8                                                     

Next Reading:  Jim C. [Mark 7:31-37]                                                                               

Prayer & Adjournment:  8:38 pm