December 4, 2018

December 4, 2018

Members Excused:  Ellen S.

Opening Prayer/Reading:  Roger B. [Luke 3:1-10]

Consent Agenda for Minutes [PC, Parish Life, Faith Formation, Human Concerns,] Approved as sent; Andrew reported that Erv’s Mug is donating 15% of ALL items ordered in their restaurant from ALL patrons on Dec. 2nd and 9th to St. James.

Visitors/Comments - None

Parish Community and Socialization

  1. How can the Pastoral council lead all commissions and parishioners in building feelings of ‘community’ and ‘belonging’ via example and socialization?
  2. Members broke into small groups to brainstorm
  3. Members regrouped to discuss ideas they generated in group discussions
  4. Small Group Sharing Ideas:
  • Familiarization of people – not just the building
  • Not just attending the church, but what can I do beyond that?
  • How do you explain this problem? It doesn’t appear that there is an issue.  But what happens in the coming years?
  • “New Blood” drive
  • If we give this challenge to ‘others’ how do we make them accountable?
  • One-to-one intentional contact
  • Effective communication – face-to-face; social media
  • The purpose is the community…not have community to get volunteers. Internal evangelization
  • Is the issue volunteering or building community?
  • One and done isn’t the answer nor is one methodology
  • Multiple media outreach – something in the bulletin each week or month to share the ‘good news’
  • How does this issue effect PC and how we interact with parishioners?
  • Ask the parishioners what they need from us as a community?
  • Snow plow as a specific need because of the money saved.
  • Five years from now: what would I want to change to make it -- the parish -- better?
  1. More brainstorming needed by individual members; and to consider what their visions for the parish may be.
  2. Tabled as “Old Business” item for January meeting.

Santisimo Sacramento (SS) - Andrew reported for the committee that:

  1. Ginet Ambulay, our contact resource at SS, has provide us with a 2019 calendar that she keeps of planned missionary visitors from all the parishes that assist the community there. This will allow for us to make our planning for our first ‘missionary trip’ easier to plan.
  2. Two committee members attended a “Mission Trip Meeting” at St. John Vianney in Brookfield. Julie Peres provided copies of some of the forms that they use in the planning of their trips for us to tweak for our use.
  3. Maureen Michaels, who handles the trips taken by St. Anthony on the Lake inn Pewaukee, has been in constant contact for questions and suggestions in setting up our own mission trip. Their parish is also the one with the container that we helped fill, last year, and who put us in contact St. Patrick’s in Wadsworth, IL (about options for a joint container), as they are also collecting supplies for SS).  Deacon Ed Tomkowiak would be our contact there.
  4. Discussed the movement in the Faith-to-Faith program, and our considerations for emphasizing this program within our community in 2019.

Parish Director’s Report

  1. The feasibility study as conducted by the James Co., came back positive and the study is being presented to the Archdiocese Building Commission for approval.
  2. Once this approval to proceed is received, then plans will start to implement the Building Renovation Fund raising.
  3. There is, currently, a sub-committee to the Renovation Committee that has been assigned to looking into the procurement of the statuary to be placed within the new worship space. This committee is headed by Carl R.
  4. Discussion on the Wednesday evening Mass for Thanksgiving – whether there have been any negative/positive comments on this change to this deviation from past worship schedules. Consensus was that there had been nothing negative brought forth that any PC Member had seen nor heard.
  5. Tom Sweetser has sent out an invitation to hold a retreat for Staff and PC Members. Overwhelming approval was received from the PC, and Dan will look into this further for planning and other details.
  6. Finally, Dan requested any feedback received from the visiting Chairs at last month’s PC Meeting. Overall, feedback has been positive, with many Chairs wondering if we could repeat this more often.  The plan is to hold this sort of meeting about twice a year.

Old Business/New Business/Open Discussion Nothing at this time.

Next Agenda/Executive Meeting December 18th, 4:30 PM, Parish Office

Next Meeting Date/Reading Erica S. [Luke 3:15-16, 21-22]

Next PC Meeting Rm. 2 January 8, 2019 @ 6:30 PM

Adjournment 8:00 PM  




Submitted by – Judy Freimark, Secretary