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February 5, 2019

February 5, 2019

Members Excused:  Delores Skarban

Visitor:  Katie Koehn

Opening Prayer/Reading: [Luke 5:1-11] Roz Stanke filled in for Delores in her absence.

Approval of Minutes for:  Faith Formation (2); PC Minutes & Agenda; Welcoming Committee Minutes & Agenda; Human Concerns; Worship; and Finance approved as written under Consent Agenda      

Commission Reports:  None other than those already presented were offered for review.

Chair Report: 

  1. Our retreat with Fr. Tom Sweetser, set for Feb. 23rd, will be held at the Parish Center Rm. 1, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Lunch, probably sub sandwiches, will be served as well.  It had been decided at our last meeting to invite the Commission Chairs to join the retreat.  Judy will send out an invitation, requesting a RSVP, to the Chairs, so as to ensure that there will be enough materials made available.
  2. Community and Socialization Prospective...Five areas of PC involvement have been chosen, from the original number of items discussed; they are:
  • Continued involvement and growth with the members of Santisimo Sacrament, Piura, Peru to the betterment of both parishes.
  • Beginning of meaningful collaboration with St. Stephens Parish.
  • Parish growth and improvement at St. James.
  • Increase in our Youth Ministry, with the aim to making it an example to other parishes.
  • Reaching and maintaining financial viability.
  1. Welcoming Committee has the desire to pursue ‘mentors’ or ‘sponsors’ for new parish members/families. Need to work with the office staff to establish a reasonable, yet comprehensive, registration packet; then decide the best way to assign said mentors.  Suggested that, after the new parishioner(s) have had a chance to review registration material, their Welcoming Member could suggest ways to pursue their interests (found in the registration packet) into the various available Commissions (whose member could then become the more permanent mentors).
  2. Need to make the Council Members “more available” to the parish ... being available before and after Mass to increase chances of meeting new visitors, with the potential to encourage joining. This has the added advantage of renewing acquaintances with current parishioners who we recognize, but do not really know.
  3. Consideration of hosting Focus groups, during the new year.
  4. He reported on the Parish Council Congress, held last weekend. Attendance was 340 to 350 people, representing over 100 parishes from our dioceses. One take-away was ‘Corporate Minute Book’, which should be representative of all St. James Corporation meetings and decisions made on behalf of our Parish.  Our Corporate members are the Archbishop, the Victor General, Dan (as Parish   Administrator), and the Parish Trustees.

Santisimo Sacramento Report: 

  1. The Family-to-Family Program is currently at 20 households, which is a successful start. Looking to acquire more family pictures (both parishioners and the families being hosted), and getting the word out that this is a valuable example of Christian Living.
  2. Our first Mission Trip is tentatively scheduled for May 17th to the 25th, which puts the four pre-trip meetings approximately scheduled for the end of February, mid-March, and early April, with the Blessing of Missionaries for Mary 12th or 19th.  The last Mission Trip taken by St. John Vianney had 45 members.  This was a medical mission trip so there quite a large number of professionals going with pre-scheduled agendas.


Renovation/Statuary Committee Report:

  1. The group has finalized their choices for each statue down to three for each of the following: The Corpus (hopefully to be used with our own Cherrywood cross), the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph.
  2. Carl, as the Chair should be submitting this report to the Renovation Committee, then the Finance Commission, the Staff, and, finally, the Pastoral Council.
  3. The choices being offered will not be numbered to refrain from influencing each succeeding group, as they view the proffered options.
  4. The costs quoted will not include the shipping and handling costs (these originate from Italy, where they are made); and color & finishes will have to be chosen once the statuary has been chosen. H. Stemper’s does have a paint shop located in their shop, which should reduce this part of the overall costs.
  5. Finally, after these decisions are made, then consideration can be made whether or not to change the look of our current statue of St. James.

Parish Director’s Report: 

  1. Staff is still adjusting to Ambrose retiring.
  2. The Staff will also participate in our Retreat, meeting on Friday, the 22nd.
  3. Assessment ($126,000.00) paid off to the City of Franklin. Parish now has no outstanding debts.
  4. Consideration had been given to discontinue the yearly Raffle, but the Finance Commission has agreed to take it on going forward, thus relieving the Staff of this responsibility.
  5. Mass counts have been very good, even during our recent ‘polar vortex’ weather.
  6. CSA campaign, which is the only direct appeal that the Archdiocese makes each year, has started.

Monthly taxes and assessments are the only obligatory payments we make to the diocese.

  1. Our Capital Campaign for the Renovation is moving forward, with assistance from the James Co. to develop a ‘proxy’, which will be submitted to the Archdiocese for approval.
  2. Questionnaire,” My Statement of Support”, was handed out to PC Members, and will be handed out to other leadership personnel within our parish. This is to be a sign of support gratitude, enthusiasm and generosity to all parishioners to also be supportive during the Capital Campaign,
  3. Mark Kemmeter from the Office for Planning and Councils has retired. We are hoping that the person who next fills this position will, actually, help in the collaborative process with St. Stephens.

Next Agenda/Executive Meeting:  02/19/19

Next Meeting Date:  03/05/19                                                                            

Reading for March: Delores Skarban [Luke 4:1-13]

Adjournment:  7:303 PM                                                                                                        

Submitted by:  Judith Freimark, Secretary


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