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February 6, 2018

Pastoral Council Minutes
February 6, 2018
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Mission Statement:
To continue Jesus’ work of calling all people into a loving relationship with God
Present: Bruce V., Dan H., Chuck C., Jane C., Irene T., Roz S., Delores S., Peter P., Roger B., Erica S.
Excused: Ellen S., Judy F., Andrew W., Chris B.
6:37 pm: Opening Prayer and Gospel Reading (Erica) and Reflection
6:45: Approval of Minutes of January with notation that Parish Life has provided minutes at Pastoral
Council meetings in November and December.
6:50 pm: Focus on Ministry weekend debrief:
o Turnout was considered good, especially on Sunday given the inclement weather
o There were a few inquiries into what the council does
o Witness talks by council members (Andrew, Bruce, Judy) were well received
6:55 pm: Walk-thru of Common Meeting Night
7:20 pm: PC nominations: Outgoing board members will present a timeline for the process of
identifying and discerning new members at the March meeting
7:25 pm: Ministry (Commission) Reports:
 Building & Grounds: New wall in the church hall meeting room is complete; Looking to replace
drop ceilings in the church lobby and lower hallway; Needed to replace the circulation pump on
one of the boilers
 Faith Formation: Retreats have been held for both High school and middle school students;
High school students will do a Living Stations of the Cross on Good Friday Evening
 Finance: The Catholic Stewardship Appeal goal for 2017 was surpassed; parish financials in good
 History: No report
 Parish Life: used meeting time to take down decorations in church
 Prayer & Worship: New name: Worship Commission (to be consistent with archdiocesan
norms); New chair: Mary Jean McDonald; New secretary: Sue Malone; Epiphany Concert very
successful – used donations to purchase a microphone and stand
 Outreach: Moving forward with Santissimo Sacramento; Dan will meet with St. Anthony on the
Lake, who already has a relationship established; Souper Bowl garnered almost $1000.00
 Stewardship: Continuing ‘Focus on Ministry’ weekends; Looking into the SCRIP program for St.
 Technology: No report
 Welcoming: Some contacts have joined the parish; Will be at 5:00 pm Mass on 2/24
7:50: Parish Director’s Report - Dan
 Renovation Project: Interviewed four contractors and have narrowed the list down to two
 West end of property: Environmental impact study required by Franklin prior to sale has been
 Franklin may require St. James to have a shared access with the new business to the south of
the property (and Baker Pool & Fitness) if we do any development – and selling land may be
considered as development. Dan is consulting with the archdiocese, Catholic Mutual, and legal
counsel regarding our options if needed.
 Amazing Parish: Dan and four others will be attending this conference in Milwaukee in the
summer. The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is sponsoring it
8:10 pm: New Business
 Planning for the parish Feast Day weekend will begin in March.
8:15 pm: Closing Prayer & Adjournment
Next Meeting: March 6, 2018
Submitted by: Bruce Varick