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January 6, 2020

Members Excused:  Roz Stanke

Opening Prayer/Reading:  Andrew W./Matt 3:13-17

Approval of Minutes for:  Pastoral Council [11/05/19]; Parish Life [12/09/19]; Worship [11/12/19]; Finance [10/04/19 & 12/15/19]; Formation [11/10/19]; Human Concerns [11/20/19] - approved as written under Consent Agenda.

Visitors/Comments:  Tom Rowe, ERAS Outreach Manager/He presented an overview of the history behind the organization and its direct connection to the former Interfaith Older Adult Program which had been supported by St. James since its inception.  He also provided materials for review that gave information on what the program can and will do for seniors in both Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties.  Finally asking for any support that can be provided from funds to much needed volunteers.

PC Overview on visit:  The ideas and requests submitted by Mr. Rowe will be forwarded to Human Concerns, Finance & Administration, Fred Hang and Mary Jo Henneman.  Recommendations upon the presentation will be sought from these parties before any planning or pushing forward with support for ERAS from St. James continues.

Pastor Report:

  1. The Epiphany Concert was excellent and well received with between 460-470 attendees, and a well-attended reception.
  2. Emphasis was placed on Fred Hang as being a tremendous asset to St. James Parish.
  3. The one-time-a-month hospitality event seems to be working well.
  4. The Welcoming Committee, as a ‘committee’, has been dissolved and the Staff is covering any needed work that they may have handled. But it is the overall ‘welcoming’ spirit of the St. James community that will be the most significant in keeping the parish viable and growing.
  5. Bruce and the PC were congratulated on doing a good job in setting up and monitoring the Common Meeting Night held in December. Discussion held on any future meetings – the commissions would be granted an hour for their own commission business, in lieu of having to attend a second meeting that month, prior to the commencement of the Common Meeting.
  6. Fred is planning on holding a service to honor the Roe vs Wade anniversary.
  7. About 10 parishioners stepped up to offer assistance with the snow plowing teams as a result of the appeal, made at all of the Masses, by Chuck Calteux. OUTSTANDING!
  8. The flooring and painting of the offices will begin about 01/10/20 with the costs being taken from the profits of the Rummage Sale of last year. No parish funds will be needed.
  9. Gilberto Marquez III, one of our acolytes, is seeking his Eagle Scout status. He has offered to clean up and refurbish the Mary of the Elms Shrine as part of his volunteer work to achieve this goal.
  10. The deteriorating condition of our church’s brick windows has forced the issue of pursuing their replacement sooner rather than later. And this is being handled as an ‘upkeep’ matter to assuage Archdiocesan rules regarding renovations and maintenance within the parishes of the Milwaukee area.

Chair Report: 

  1. Bruce handed out a summary of the ‘answers’ gathered from the Common Meeting Night, separated in to the 5 questions asked at the meeting. He requested that the PC membership review the summary and send him their views on a condensed version that may be offered at this month’s 20/20 Vision meeting – The State of the Parish.
  2. The upcoming survey-of-parishes was discussed. Everyone will receive a limited survey with just a few individuals receiving a more comprehensive survey.  It was suggested that individuals like Donna Brown, Office Mgr. and Irene Taylor, long-time parishioner who has been active in almost all aspects of the parish since her arrival, would be good candidates to receive the longer surveys.

Old Business:  None

New Business: 

  1. -The question was raised: Do we have a ‘protocol’ for when a significant member of the parish leaves (i.e. Fr. George, Donna)? Discussion resulted and Fr. Bob stated that, “outside of a sudden medical issue” plans are always pending to contact other qualified individuals to come in as temporary/permanent replacements.  If it is a ‘sudden’ departure, then existing individuals will step in to fill any gaps until a replacement can be found.
  2. As reported by Erica, this month’s Hospitality Sunday has been completely covered by parents from Faith Formation and their families.

Adjournment:  8:12 PM

Closing Prayer

Next Agenda/Executive Meeting:  01/22/20 at 4:30 in Parish Office.

Next Meeting Date/Reading:  02/04/20 – Ed Pings/Matt 5:13-20



Submitted by:  Judith Freimark, Secretary                                                                                                                                 


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