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July 7, 2020

July 7, 2020 [6:30 – 8:00 PM]

Members excused –Herica Silva

Reading – Bruce Varick [ Matt 17:1-23]      

Visitors – Paul Jalosky

Minutes – Due to the number of Minutes presented for this meeting it was decided to let the Liaisons give verbal reports from their individual Commissions.  These reports covered the following Commissions:  Pastoral Council, Parish Life, Finance, Faith Formation, Worship, Outreach, Building and Grounds and Technology.  No one found any objections to the presented Minutes, so all Minutes were approved.


  1. Renovation – Is going fairly smoothly, just a little behind waiting for updates on windows (plain with light blue edging) and pews, as their production has been impacted by the COVID 19 crisis. Other work going forward as planned on the wood beams, etc.  The ordering of the permanent stained-glass windows still needs discussion on final financing; the themes of these windows will be the sacraments.  The organ will be removed and stored, but the pipes will remain in their present location at this time.  The video taping of the Mass will be replaced by live-streaming, once we’ve moved upstairs.  The move upstairs will happen as soon as possible, using chairs in place of the pews should they not yet be installed.


  1. Bob’s Report – The Discipleship Survey has been returned to the parish. The information seems to be very positive and the direction St. James chooses to go with it is going to be a work-in-progress.  It will become a handy tool with which to formulate future plans.  More on this will follow as the office personnel find ways to implement the information contained within.  This will be an item for discussion when we hold our next Common Meeting Night (when all of St. James’ Commissions meet as one) in May of 2021.



  1. Rummage Sale – The Diocese has requested that our plans for the 2020 Rummage Sale be postponed until sometime in early 2021. We are still encouraging donations this year and are looking forward to a very exciting Rummage Sale when we are given the

‘go ahead’ next year!


  1. Chair’s report –
  2. The budget for 2021 will be forwarded to all members as soon as possible.
  3. The Executive Meeting scheduled at this time was abandoned and, with all members present and in favor of, Paul Jalosky was asked to join the Pastoral Council Membership...which he accepted.
  4. Because of the pandemic and the subsequent loss of meeting times and the Council’s decision to meet every other month, all current terms of service for PC Members is being extended one year. This means that this current three-year term of service will become a four-year one.  And those members whose terms were ‘up’ as of this year will carry on for one more year.  This course of action has the approval of the PC Membership and Fr. Bob with the caveat that should a need arise for an intermediate meeting it will occur.  A corrected calendar of terms will be forthcoming.

Prayer and Adjournment – 7:55 PM

Next Executive meeting date – TBD

Next meeting date – Tuesday, September 1, 2020 @ 6:30 PM in Rm 1 of Parish Center

Next scheduled reader/readings – Roz Stanke [Matt 18:15-20]

Submitted by – Judy Freimark, Secretary


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