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June 5, 2018

Members Excused:  Craig Bartsch  

Opening Prayer/Reading:  Bruce V.

Visitors/Comments:  None present                                                                                           

Welcome:  Jim Copeland, one of two new PC Members...Craig Bartsch was excused.                         

Council Commissioning Ceremony:  After the 10:00 Mass, weekend of our Feast Day, to be ‘advertised’ to parish at least a week before (bulletin, video board, announcement from pulpit).                                                                                       

Approval of Minutes for: May 1, 2018 – approved as written [Irv’s Mug is Erv’s Mug].     

Feast Day Update:  Balloons, raffle, meal set with Bernie B.; Irene to keep Bruce and/or Judy in loop with any updates/issues.

Election of PC Officers:  Bruce Varick accepted Chair position; Andrew Weisensel accepted Vice-Chair position; Judy Freimark accepted Secretary’s position.

Ministry Reports:                                                                                                                                       

Bldg. & Gnds. – A new ‘information desk’ has been installed in church lobby; staining and glass top to be done soon.  One step closer to installing electrical outlets for the  needed security cameras; and will be seeking a quote for potential repairs to monuments in the cemetery from Wenta Monuments Co.                                                                                    

Faith Formation – Members evaluated the children’s masses, and were pleased with the eventual outcome.  The Catholic Herald will have an article in the June edition promoting  “Faith Family Days”.  Question regarding the difference between ‘commission’ vs ‘ministry’, as all “Ministries” are being renamed to Commissions.Ministries can fall under the umbrella of a commission (e.g. Sharing Sunday, Giving Tree, et al, under Human Concerns).  Yes, the PC meetings are open to registered members of the parish, for observation only.  If parishioners wish to speak at a meeting, request must be made prior to meeting so they can be added to the Agenda.  Chris B. announced a new program on “Discipleship” being offered, which she and Dennis H. would be attending. The four Faith Formation-centered Masses are being moved to coincide with Saturday’s 5:00 pm Mass, instead of holding special 6:00 pm Mass on Sundays.

Finance – Desk in church lobby is basically finished; cameras should be purchased and installed in nest couple of mos.; new phone system has been installed and new carrier hired; 7 acres west of 31st St. are zoned as industrial, while remaining acreage is zoned commercial; due to issues with City of Franklin, a hold has been put on the selling of any acreage; initial evaluation of the Scrip program is positive.

History – visited the Milwaukee Historical Museum on Saturday, and was unable to locate any new information other than items we are currently in possession of; will continue plugging onwards; looking for assistance in making information already gained into usable video for use at the Feast Day celebration.                     

Human Concerns – Members are working on plans for Franklin Night Out as well as Oak Creek Night Out (Aug. 6 & 7); question whether nights should be shared/separated’ with/between H.C. & Welcoming Committees (e.g. Stewardship); consensus being that both committees, working together, will be the best – arranging 1-2 people from each to coordinate.  Dennis, Beth and Ambrose to work together to ensure smooth preparations and deliveries to the homebound for the Feast Day.  Money received from the Rice Bowls, equaling about $900.00 has been divided into $500.00 for SVdP Food Pantry, holding back $400.00 for ‘to be determined’ expenses/donations.                                                             

Parish Life – Rummage Sale is scheduled for the 13-16th of September [$5.00 band on Thurs. for preview sales; regular sales on Fri. and Sat. with Sat. being ½ price, no bands needed; $10.00 bands on Sunday for take all that you want; will be using eBay for sales of best items as it’s become difficult to price and tag all items received.  Trivia Night attended by 28, with next one convening on Oct. 27th; Dinner Club met on May 11th at The Hideaway, with next meeting on June 9th at Dobie’s Steak House.  Using Erv’s Mug as a means to raise money has been tabled, and Chick Flicks is on hold for more research.

Prayer & Worship – Two new acolytes were added to schedule; environment being planned for Pentecost; tour of St. Josephat’s had 11 attendees; lectors will be undergoing ‘dual lectoring training’ scheduled on July 14th; Eucharistic Adoration in planning stage for  Aug. 3rd, 12-1 pm (hoping to expand to a full 24 hrs. in the future).                                

Stewardship – Letters were sent to parishioners asking that they update their information for the parish records; the F-o-M for May was for the Music Ministry; no Donut Sundays during July & Aug.; sign-up sheet is up for Sept.’s Donut Sunday.

Technology – Not much to be reported; acknowledged History members’ request for help on video presentation by Feast Day celebration/Family Faith Day            

Welcoming – Will be needing members to attend 8:00 & 10:00 Masses next weekend (10th); in the process of gathering information from newest members to the parish on how and why they came to join the St. James Community; it will be presented to the PC upon completion of this gathering process; Chuck suggested adding one more question to the questionnaire:  How did you find out about St. James?  (Sample of info gathered so far is attached.)

Commission Liaison Assignments See attachment.

Parish Director’s Report – Chuck Calteux has been reelected as Parish Trustee; members to attend the Amazing Parish Conference are Dan, Beth, Donna, Ellen and Chuck.

Santissimo Sacramento, Piura, Peru – Andrew gave a multi-slide presentation of his trip to the mission in Peru.  The slides and his enthusiastic commentary strongly backed up the PC’s intention in continuing our Parish’s twinning process with Santisimo Sacramento. Discussion ensued regarding Fr. Uhen’s visit, as a Mission Co-Op speaker this year. Four areas to be foremost in moving forward with this twinning are:  Exchanging prayer intentions; increasing communication with parishioners on this exchange/interaction with Santisimo Sacramento via bulletins, facebook, our website and bulletin boards; beginning the Family-to-Family interchange; and establishing a ‘Mission Team’...   currently Donna Horrigan, Andrew Weisensel and Judy Freimark are liaisons.  It was suggested that the presentation given by Andrew this evening should be presented to parishioners at each of the Masses, but on different weekend to ensure all parishioners have the opportunity to be informed.  Also suggested that a number of PC Members work in conjunction with currently involved Human Concern Members, forming an ad hoc Santisimo Sacramento committee.

Chair Report – Prioritization – Bruce gave handouts to each member, outlining our progress so far. To be discussed at next meeting.

OLD BUSINESS & NEW BUSINESS – Nothing at this time.

Next Agenda/Executive Meeting:  July 24th at Parish Conference Room.

Next Meeting Date/Reading:  August 7th, 6:30 pm / Andrew – John 6:41-51

Adjournment:   8:40 pm

Submitted by – Judy Freimark, Secretary