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March 6, 2018

Members Excused: Jane C. and Roz S.

Opening Prayer/Reading: Delores S.

Approval of Minutes for: February 6th – approved as written

Visitors/Comments: None present

“Common Ministry Meeting Night” Review:

Bruce provided all members with compilations of all three sets of questions (comprised of two relevant questions in each set) asked of the attendees at last month’s Common Ministry Meeting.

All members engaged in an exercise entitled: Notice and Wonder.

After the exercise, Bruce explained that he would flesh out the results of the exercise and pass along his results for everyone to look over, and prepare for next month’s meeting, by answering some key questions regarding our combined efforts.

Parish Director’s Report:

· “Not much has changed since last month.”

· Still balancing the realtor, the Archdiocese, and the City’s requirement for St James to provide the access for all businesses on either side of the parish boundaries. A lawyer may be needed.

PC Members Nomination/Discernment Progress: Chris B., Irene T. and Jane C.

They reported that they were going to be meeting, yet, this month, and hope to have a program outline at next month’s PC meeting. Bruce asked everyone to bring their calendars to the meeting to be able to come to some agreement on the timelines needed for meeting with nominees and holding the discernment process.

Ministry Reports:

· Bldg. & Grounds – The ceilings have been completed in the church lobby and sanctuary.

· Faith Formation – The group is looking into some Archdiocese supported ‘learning programs’ (offered by different vendors), for the formation programs. The cost per parish/per year for this program(s) would be approximately $1600.00. More information needs to be accrued before going to the Finance Ministry for guidance/help.

· Finance – a] The members are exploring the possibilities for available ‘script’ programs, and have set up a new bank account for this use. b] The church’s organ is currently in need of some serious consideration for repair/replacement, but the cost of $150,000.00 to replace it is highly prohibitive. c] The heat pump on the furnace has been replaced.

· History – Although not a full-fledged ministry, but an ad hoc one, progress has been proceeding, with the next meeting scheduled for next Saturday, the 10th, where they hope to have a decent outline of the possible presentation that has been planned.

· Parish Life – Emphasis has been on the plans for the up-and-coming Feast Day, and the dates have been chosen: July 28th & 29th. They are requesting input from the PC for what meal items

to plan on offering, and any other activities that may be planned for inclusion in the celebration.


· Prayer & Worship – Will now be called “Worship Ministry”...the last entire meeting was spent on plans for Lent, the Triduum and Easter.

· Outreach – Will now be called “Human Concerns”, as that is the umbrella over Outreach and Pastoral Care. Hopes are that, in the future, the meetings will be a combined effort of both the Outreach and Pastoral Care Ministries. It was reported that there have been many changes to meeting dates and times, due to the unavailability of some members. This is a concern that needs to be addressed by the Human Concerns Chair, as there needs to be a consistent meeting time and date each month.

· Stewardship – They sponsored the Thrivent program of Managing Your Money/Your New Money Mindset on the 19th of Feb. It was considered to be a successful venture, and hopes are to be able to offer it again in the future.

· Technology – Next Sunday the Social Media Ministry will meet; Bruce hopes to get information from the school district regarding the use of Social Media in teaching.

· Welcoming – “Getting to Know St. James” at the 5 o’clock Mass was not very successful, as almost everyone left the church as soon as they were able to do so. The 8 and 10 o’clock Masses will host this Ministry Focus on March 19th. Dennis Horrigan is going to acquire ‘holy cards’ for this event. Talk has begun on the Annual New Member meeting.


NEW BUSINESS: Follow-up on the Common Ministry Meeting Night review and breakdown.

Next Agenda/Executive Meeting: Tuesday, March 20th at 5:00 pm in the Conf. Rm.

Next Meeting Date/Reading: April 3rd / Roz Stenke (John: 20:19-31)

Prayer and Closing

Adjournment: 8:10 pm 

Submitted by – Judy Freimark, Secretary