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May 1 2018

Members Excused:  Erica S.

Opening Prayer/Reading:  Irene T.

Approval of Minutes for: April 3, 2018 – approved as written 

Visitors/Comments:  None present 

Ministry Reports: 

Bldg. & Gnds. – Looking into installing new cabinets and carpeting in the church lobby. Roger and Dan walked the property looking for appropriate places to put security cameras.

Faith Formation – Received compliments for the many flags located in church representing our communicants.The Stations of the Cross done during Lent                                  should continue.  Focus-on-Ministry for Faith Formation is this weekend.

History – Still a work-in-progress, with plans on going to Milw. Historical Society to search for more information.  Hope to be able to turn over a synopsis of our                         work to Dan by month’s end.

Human Concerns – Our Focus-on-Ministry went well, and members were very pleased,  especially with the positive reaction to the Food Pantry tours. 

Prayer & Worship – New lectors were added to the schedule; tour of St. Josephat’s  Basilica is coming up, $3.00 fee, attendees will meet in the parking lot and                                     caravan down; decided that the Thursday Evening Prayers should continue;  members will be having CPR training in May/June.

Stewardship – Going forward, it’s been decided to continue the Focus-in-Ministry presentations, but probably on a bi-yearly, rather than monthly rotation; the Scrips             Program is to start next weekend with purchases this first week and delivery of  the ‘cards’ the following weekend.                                                                            Technology – Outside of looking for places for security cameras, there are still plans to  acquire badly needed new PCs, when funds become available.                         Welcoming – Looking at welcoming new parishioners with more of a 1-on-1 approach, rather than in the ‘circle’ method currently being used.                                                     

Parish Director’s Report –

Easement & Sale of Acreage:  Spoken with the Archdiocese, and have been referred to Husch Blackwell LLP, a law firm that specializes in real estate/property law.  It is felt that they would be better equipped to deal with the issues facing us with Franklin City   Hall.

Renovation:  Still in progress.  Plans going forward to refurbish the Marian Shrine –  fencing, power for lights, etc.  We’ve received a $1500.00 bequest from Alice Rick in memory of her husband, Joseph.

Parish Finance/BudgetThe 2018/2019 ‘balanced’ Budget, set up by the Finance Ministry was reviewed by the PC members.  Discussion ensued, but there were no  stated concerns on its presentation.  The picture of our parish’s health is on a positive trend, with growth & expansion in Oak Creek/Franklin; & growth in parish families, etc.

Parish Life/Feast Day:  “Chick Flicks” program is on a ‘hold’ until some way can be found around copyright laws, if any.  Considering doing another fund raiser using Irv’s Mug, since last one was so successful and thoroughly enjoyed by all; with profits being raised to be used for a speaker for Faith Formation.  The next Dinner Club meeting will     be held on Friday, 05/11, at the Hideaway.  This date was picked as Mother’s Day falls   on Sunday the 13th, and many families will have plans for most of the weekend.  Menu  for the Feast Day to include:  Pulled-pork sandwiches, baked beans, coleslaw and dessert.  This same menu will be used for the homebound deliveries.  Even though more was made, last year, than was expected to be served, we, actually, ran out.  We will  have a cash raffle again.  Dates are Sept. 13, 14, 15 & 16.

Chair Report – Prioritization – Bruce gave handouts to each member...homework, basically review the top four (tie for #3) goals, as discerned from the Common Meeting Night, and give assessments on these ‘goals’ via:  “What are we doing to support this?’, “What  should we be doing to support this?”, and “Is there anything we are doing that does not  support this?”  It was noted that stressing communication was the key to achieve these   goals.  This ‘homework” can be completed on each members own time and submitted at    the meeting in June, or sent, online, to Bruce, before the meeting.  Anyone having questions about this process can call or email Bruce.    Forming Intentional Disciples by Sherry A. Weddell was a book Dan mentioned as being   worthy of reading, in preparation for achieving these important goals.  He may be getting copies for each PC member.

PC Member Nomination Process – (Chris, Jane & Irene) – Nominations, from the pew, and from all PC members were named, making a list of approximately 29 individuals to be contacted, and notified that they are being considered to serve on the Pastoral Council.  A letter will be sent out to each nominee, notifying them of a Discernment Night, May 23rd,  (including pizza!), where they could ask questions, and PC members could ‘interview’  the candidates to see if they have the willingness and faith to serve their parish in this role.  Although we only have three PC members leaving, after their 6-year terms come to an end, we also have an extra slot, left by an outgoing member who left prior to completing the term they’d accepted.  Making a total of four (4) open seats on the Council.

OLD BUSINESS & NEW BUSINESS – the Archdiocesan Amazing Parish Conference,  scheduled for Oct. 17-19, will be held at the Wisconsin center.  Dan and Bruce are going, as part of the representative group from St. James, and Dan asked that anyone having any idea of others who might fill out the remaining (2-3) seats, please contact him with their   suggestions.  Attendees are expected to stay through the whole conference, not going   home each night.

Next Agenda/Executive Meeting:  To be decided on Night of Discernment, meeting about 5:30 pm, or ½ hour prior to the discernment evening.

Next Meeting Date/Reading:  June 5th, 6:30 pm/Bruce V. [Mark 3: 20-35]

Adjournment:   8:20 pm

Submitted by – Judy Freimark, Secretary