May 7, 2019

May 7, 2019

All Members Present

Opening Prayer/Reading:  Roger Bruening ... [John 10: 27-30]

Consent Agenda Approval of Minutes for:  Faith Formation – [04/13/19]; Human Concerns – [03/24/19]; Parish Life – [04/08/19]; PC Minutes – [04/02/19] – approved as written with one exception: PC Minutes [04/02/19], under “Chair Report, 2. St. Vincent de Paul - ... Dennis Hartigan” should be “Dennis Horrigan.

Commission Reports:  Buildings & Grounds – The security system which has been in “the works” has reached the stage of being ready to install cameras, possibly this coming weekend.

Visitors/Comments:  None

Santisimo Sacramento Report:  Andrew Weisensel

  1. Affirmed that four parishioners (Andrew Weisensel, his daughter Trinity, Donna Horrigan & Dennis Horrigan) will be our St. James’ Mission-Trip Group.
  2. Sunday, May 12th, there will be a blessing given for these missionaries at the 8:00 AM Mass.
  3. Andrew will report on the outcome of this trip at the next PC Meeting in June.
  4. Hopefully there will be plenty of pictures to present to the Catholic Herald for the purposes of instigating an article seeking exposure for St. James and Santisimo Sacramento in their efforts in work together.

Discernment Process:  Roger Bruening

  1. PC Members were given handouts with the names of parishioners who had been nominated as possible new PC Members ... these individuals will be sent a letter from Dan letting them know that they have been considered/nominated by fellow parishioners as being worthy/competent to hold a position on the Pastoral Council. [Bruce has offered to write the invitational letter for Dan to sign.]
  2. Four additional names were submitted to Linda and one to Erica Silva, after the initial list was compiled, and they will also receive a letter and follow-up call by departing members, and invited to a gathering Wednesday, May 29th (6:00 PM to 8:00 PM) for discernment purposes.
  3. Roger Breuning, Peter Prakasam and Delores Skarban, our departing members, will be the callers.

Chair Report:  Bruce Varick

  1. “Community Gathering Sunday” (i.e. formerly “Donut Sunday”) discussions will be put on hold until after Labor Day. To be added to Agenda for August 6th.
  2. Feast Day Planning
  • DATES: July 27th and 28th, after all Masses
  • MENU: Bruce will contact Bernie Bellin to discuss menu items, but we are all leaning towards the pulled pork sandwiches which were positively received last year (an alternate choice of turkey or ham was also offered).
  • RAFFFLE: Yes, a raffle will be held and the office staff has already begun the process of ordering tickets, etc.
  • It was suggested that the opportunity to offer some entertainment for the kids (possibly crafts or games) might be nice. Chuck Calteux will speak with his daughters, who handled these at the “Breakfast with the Easter Bunny” event, about this idea; after which he will contact Erica S. and Judy F. accordingly.
  • The History Committee was asked about the possibility of having ‘something’ to present at this time, as well, to coincide with the beginnings of the Transformation/Renovation Process which should be starting, hopefully, by the time of our Feast Day. It was noted that the Technical Commission was needed to implement any such presentation, so Andrew and Bruce will be looking into this.

Parish Director’s Report:  Dan Hull

  1. Dan confirmed his ending tenure as Parish Director of St. James, with his contract ending by June’s end. He hopes his last weekend will be on June 15th and 16th (Trinity Sunday); at which time, Father Bernie Sippel will also be fully retiring.
  2. He is positive that St. James will be assigned a temporary Parish Director ... but no one is sure just how long ‘temporary’ may be.
  3. With Fr. Bernie leaving, the presiders schedule will have to be rearranged, hopefully this coming Friday.
  4. With the current issues facing Interfaith, it has been decided to ‘hold off’ on releasing the 2019 budgeted funds to them until it is determined that they still have a viable future within Milwaukee County. This will be revisited as conditions change or arise.

Old Business:

  1. Presentation by Delores - A discussion ensued about possibilities to use some of the techniques offered in the handouts given at March’s PC Meeting. A few ideas seemed promising, and Carl will be asked about enlisting the help of Choir Members.  It was suggested that we utilize the arenas of Facebook, Twitter, etc. to publicize the work that St. James has been and is doing within the parish and community and global boundaries.
  2. PC Members at every Mass once a month – The weekend of June 8th/9th of May will offer recognition for all PC Members ... who will be available after all Masses to answer any questions/comments/concerns parishioners may wish to share. [Renovation, New Leadership for the parish, etc.] Bruce will prepare a sign-up sheet.

New Business:

  1. Safety & Security Information – as issued by the Archdiocese, was discussed
  2. Wisconsin Interfaith Safety & Security Symposium by Department of Homeland Security - Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency – At least three parishioners will be in attendance on June 11th.
  3. June 9th is the Choir’s Summer Concert.

Adjournment:  7:48 PM

Next Agenda/Executive Meeting:  05/21/19; Next Meeting Date/Time:  06/04/19 @ 6:30 PM

Next Meeting Date/Reading:  06/09/19 – Jim Copeland - [John 7:37-39]        

Submitted by:  Judith Freimark, Secretary