September 4, 2018

Members Excused:  Ellen S., Peter P., Roger B.  

Opening Prayer/Reading:  Jim C.

Approval of Minutes for: July 3, 2018 – Approved with this revision:                                      Pg. 2 – NEW BUSINESS - 4) Jim asked whether we should continue drop Donut Sundays, to once or twice a month, as there ...                                                                                                               

Visitors/Comments:  None present                                                                                                

Review the Weekend of August 25th & 26th 2018  

  • Mass attendance – up by about 100 attendees; two anniversaries at the 10:00 am Mass accounted for some of that.
  • Joe Uhen’s Visit – Presentations went well, with minor audio/visual glitches (no surprise); approximately 100 individuals, total, attended the three after-Mass presentations – 26 requested more info on the Family-to-Family program, 10 requested more info on a possible mission trip; Fr. Joe was well-pleased by both the presentations and successful parishioner responses.
  • To-Do going forward
    1. Follow up with promoting of the Prayer Sharing program
    2. Keep bulletin board current and up-to-date of activities between the two parishes
    3. Possibility of involving media impact with presentation of available programs
    4. Require/request Human Concerns to make this item an on-going part of their agenda
    5. Human Concerns will be asked to provide a yearly ‘development plan’ for S.S.
    6. Step up our involvement with St. Anthony’s; see how their relationship with S.S. has impacted their school and parish
    7. Develop a go-to person for handling questions and regulating the Family-to-Family program

Parish Director’s Report –

  • Hired James Company to assist in setting up a feasibility study (to present to Archdiocese in December). They will also assist in the fund-raising aspect of our renovation.
  • In speaking with Kristen Wilhelm, Alderman, District 3, we would have to approach the Common Council with a Certified Survey, asking for their approval, with the caveat that the responsibility of putting in an access road be pushed back until land has been sold, and development confirmed.
  • James has been invited to an informational meeting on the redevelopment of a corridor between Hwy G north to College Ave.

Commission Reports:    

  • & Gnds. – Working on electrical for security cameras; painting finished on ceilings in lower hall and near elevators; scheduled painting of yellow in corridor of school building; Sep. 17th marks the start of the resealing and striping of the parking lot by Merit.
  • Finance – Hand-out of Year-end statement for Diocese.
  • Faith Formation –Registration for Faith Formation is over; still in need of catechists; 09/09 meeting with the parents of this year’s confirmands; 09/16 - blessing of catechists 10 am and collection of school supplies; 09/23 - 6:00 mass & open house for Faith Formation
  • History – Have had two meetings this last month (issues with having at least 3 of the 4 members available); have finished most research into the Physical Aspects of the History of St. James, and are in process of editing; next will be The People, for which we have a lot of info, but it needs setting up and editing. So still progressing.
  • Human Concerns – Next meeting on Sept. 23rd – no meeting in August
  • Parish Life – Progress of Rummage Sale; 10/27-Trivia Night – will not promote Halloween theme; Erv’s Mug fund raiser will be the first two Sundays of Dec.; discussion on-going about another Packer’s Sunday this year; Franklin’s & Oak Creek’s nights Out reviewed.
  • Prayer & Worship – Dan & Fr. Bob attended as guests; theme for ‘environment’ will be ‘river’; new cup minister – Patty Stengl & new usher - Jennifer Neal; starting in Advent there will be two lectors at each mass, and if all goes well, the program will continue on a regular basis; First Friday service for Eucharistic Adoration will be overseen by Frs. Bob and George; Carl & Lisa are searching for an existing program to possibly implement a “Word of the Day”; 4th Tuesday of the month has been chosen for the regular meeting night.
  • Stewardship – Going forward, it’s been decided to continue the Focus-on-Ministry presentations, but probably on a bi-yearly, rather than monthly rotation; the Scrips Program has been started.  
  • Technology – Donna Brown asked if it would be possible to ‘put up’ a “Thought for the Week” ... suggested that that might be an appropriate use for the Facebook page.
  • Welcoming – Next mtg. is on the 16th, and a regular meeting day and time will be discussed to accommodate those who have to serve at the 10 am masses

Chair Report

  • Amazing Parish Conference, coming in October, will be attended by Dan and his leadership team (Beth R., Donna B., Chuck C. & Ellen S.); PC Members can access the courses being offered, thus supporting the program, (setting up registration will be required) @ .
  • Liaisons are requested to invite the Chairs of the various Commissions to attend the PC meeting in November; hopefully this ‘meeting’ will occur at least twice yearly as a continuation of our Common Meeting Night Program.
  • Current membership of the PC is at 9, where we, actually, have seating for 12; it is time to proactively invite potential candidates to sit in on one of our meetings, with the intent of asking them to participate, for starters, for only one year’s time (hopefully to extend their involvement in a continuation to fill a three-year term); each PC member is asked to bring to the table, one name of a potential candidate to next month’s meeting; consider the groups of the parish not represented by the current body of the membership (i.e. youth, Asian, specific career categories) that could be helpful in assisting in our growth.
  • Four local parishes were asked to give a run-down on their hospitality programs (usually held on weekends), how they are run, and what impact they have on their parishes; only two responded – both having the program occur only once a month, and their own parishioners baking items, rather than buying them, for the get-togethers; Dan will work on a ‘push’ from the pulpit in coming masses, and Donna B. will be asked if there is any way volunteers can be recruited through any of our media points.
  • The upsetting current world and church issues that have cropped up recently in the news, was thoroughly discussed and viewpoints taken; the importance of our ‘knowing’ our own feelings and responses to other parishioners is highly important, as is the message of Christ which we should all be emulating; noted that there are many more victims of these issues than just the ‘victims’ stated in the news...we, as a church and individuals are also reaping the accusations – as victims - to these allegations and events.

OLD BUSINESS & NEW BUSINESS – None at this time

Next Agenda/Executive Meeting:  September 18th at 4:30-5:00 pm, church office

Next Meeting Date/Reading:  October 2nd, 6:30 pm/Roger B. [Mark 10:2-16]

Adjournment:   8:48 pm 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Submitted by – Judy Freimark, Secretary