Gospel of Mark

The video series of the Gospel of Mark begins the first week of October!!!


Let me explain how this course will be conducted. Because we are still in Covid time, this course is completely online.  St James has traditionally provided a course on the Gospel for the upcoming liturgical year, and this offering is in that spirit.

1)     During the weeks designated below, view that week’s video at your leisure on your computer or TV.  Here is the link for all eight:  (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXpxXUF5H6HzzDTInJknoNPB5oGgKLpCj)

2)     Takes note, jot down questions as you view the video for that week.

3)     Bring these notes/questions to our Zoom session each week for discussion.

4)     There is no written material for this course offering, just the videos. (Thus, no cost)  You are welcome to supplement the video with your own reading (there are countless resources on Mark on the internet), but this is not a requirement. 

I am happy to recommend resources for supplemental reading if you like, just let me know. 

5)     Sister Linda Greenwood, OSF and Fred Hang will alternate leading the Zoom meetings.  Please note that these Zoom sessions will be faith sharing and Gospel reflection, not a class in the traditional sense.  After viewing the video you’ll have a lot of food for thought and prayer to share.

You can begin to view the videos any time.  But if you plan to attend the Zoom discussion for that week, please have viewed that week’s video by that Tuesday.  Here is the schedule, created for the eight weeks leading up to the first Sunday of Advent, when Mark’s gospel begins.

All sessions begin at 6:30 pm  You can choose to view and attend all 8 in the series, or those who choose.

Tuesday, Oct 6:       Video One

Tuesday, Oct 13:     Video Two

Tuesday, Oct 29:    Video Three

Tuesday, Oct 27:    Video Four

Tuesday Nov 3:       Video Five

Tuesday Nov 10:     Video Six

Tuesday Nov 17:     Video Seven

Tuesday Nov 24      Video Eight

Sessions are one hour, unless the group decides to go longer.