21st Sunday in OT - August 22, 2021

Today in our first reading Joshua asks the tribes of Israel which god they will serve.  He gives them three options.  The gods beyond the River are their distant ancestors gods, from before Abraham and Sarah.  Nostalgia would inspire this choice.  The gods of the Amorites are those of their current non-Jewish neighbors.  Choosing this option would ease their acceptance as foreigners.  But they all choose to remain loyal to the Lord-after all, their God led them out of slavery, gave them hope during their hardships in the desert, and guided them to the Promised Land.  By our baptism, God has rescued us from the slavery of sin, given us the hope of eternal life, and guided us along right paths.  Alternate paths may be easier or more socially acceptable, but our conscience tells us that these are not the values that will lead us to our eternal home.

We have many options and choices in life.  We could choose to serve wealth or status or power or pleasure, allowing something else to lead us and drive us in another direction.  But we come every weekend, along with our families, our friends, and our neighbors, as a sign of our commitment to serve the Lord.  In the Gospel many stopped following Jesus because he called himself the Bread of Life.  Today, many stopped coming to Mass for many different reasons.  Where do they go?  Jesus has the words of everlasting life.  Whom will we serve?  Let us recommit ourselves to serve our God.

Love, Peace, Joy,

Fr. Bob


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