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27th Sunday in OT - October 2, 2022

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 9/28/22

Often we feel that our faith is weak, unable to overcome all our doubts or give us the confidence to face our trials.  Jesus’ closest friends, his apostles, may have felt the same way.  Today we hear them ask Jesus to increase their faith.  Jesus responds by issuing them ... Read More »

26th Sunday in OT - September 25, 2022

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 9/21/22

“Too late!”  We often use that expression after something does or does not happen that we wish did.  While he was alive, the rich man in today’s Gospel ignored the beggar Lazarus at his gate.  Now he suffers in torment.  In death a great chasm separates him from paradise.  ... Read More »

25th Sunday in OT - September 18, 2022

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 9/14/22

We live in a society that considers the accumulation of material wealth to be a worthy goal.  Even if we are not greedy, we want to be able to provide for our families and for ourselves and free ourselves from the worry of being unable to pay the bills.  ... Read More »

24th Sunday in OT - September 11, 2022

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 9/07/22

In today’s Gospel we hear the Pharisee’s anger at Jesus for welcoming sinners and eating with them.  Jesus turns their criticism on its head by telling them three parables (Lk 15:1-32) that show how much joy God finds in one repentant sinner.  The magnitude of God’s mercy can be ... Read More »

23rd Sunday in OT - September 4, 2022

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 8/31/22

On this holiday weekend, as we recognize the blessings of human labor and of all those who work, whether they are paid or unpaid, we are also inspired to take part in the Lord’s work.

Jesus has a sobering, even shocking, warning to would be disciples in today’s Gospel.  ... Read More »

22nd Sunday in OT - August 28, 2022

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 8/24/22

Every Mass we celebrate we are guests at a wedding feast, invited by our Lord.  Our Gospel tells us to accept this invitation with humility.  Humility is the opposite of pride.  When we allow pride to take over in our lives, we are dishonest.  We lie about ourselves by ... Read More »

21st Sunday in OT - August 21, 2022

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 8/18/22

It is no accident that the words “disciple” and discipline come from the same root in Latin; disciplina meaning “teaching.”  Learning begins with discipline.  We need it when we are tempted to compromise our behavior, or ignore our conscience and do something we shouldn’t, or fail to do something ... Read More »

20th Sunday in OT - August 14, 2022

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 8/10/22

We like to think of Jesus bringing peace and joy, healing and inspiration as he traveled from village to village with his disciples.  But at this point in Luke’s Gospel he is making his way to Jerusalem, where he knows what he will face, and his message has become ... Read More »

19th Sunday in OT - August 7, 2022

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 8/05/22

It is a mistake to think that we wait for Jesus in the same way we wait for anything else in life, for Jesus is already present with us as we wait.  Jesus arrives for us every day of our lives.  He often comes in the person of someone ... Read More »

18th Sunday in OT - July 31, 2022

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 7/27/22

During the week many of us work hard to make our lives more comfortable, aiming for a promotion or raise, earning enough to afford the finer things in life, putting money away for an easy retirement.  Today’s readings will give us the bit of shock we need to put ... Read More »