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5th Sunday of Lent - March 21, 2021

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 3/17/21

In what we call the old church, this week marks the beginning of Passiontide.  The crosses and statues in church were covered until the beginning of the Easter Vigil.  In our Gospel today, Jesus announces that His hour has come.  The Son of Man will now be glorified through ... Read More »

4th Sunday of Lent - March 14, 2021

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 3/11/21

Today is the Fourth Sunday of Lent (Laetare), a time to rejoice in anticipation of the joy we will experience on Easter.  We remain a people of peace and happiness because we believe that our God loves us despite our sinfulness and failures.  Afterall, he loves us so much ... Read More »

3rd Sunday of Lent - March 7, 2021

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 3/05/21

On this, the Third Sunday of Lent, we hear of the foundations of our faith.  First we are reminded of the commandments God gave the chosen people to guide them in their daily living.  St. Paul, in our second reading, explains how Jesus’ self-sacrifice was neither foolish nor weak, ... Read More »