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18 OT - August 2, 2020

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 7/29/20

Many of the thousands of people who were sick and hungry, walked for miles from towns all over Galilee just to see and hear Jesus.  How fortunate, we can join our Lord at the Eucharistic table.  While we are still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have room at ... Read More »

17 OT - July 26, 2020

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 7/24/20

In today’s readings we encounter a number of people whom fortune smiles upon.  Solomon, heir to King David’s throne, is visited by God, who promises him whatever he wishes.  In the Gospel, a random person discovers buried treasure and a merchant searching for fine pearls find a pearl of ... Read More »

16 OT

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 7/24/20

It is a great pleasure in the middle of these summer months to sit back and listen to stories.  We began last week in Matthew’s Gospel Chapter 13 where he gives us seven parables.  These stories make our Lord’s teachings about the kingdom of God more memorable than a ... Read More »

15 OT

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 7/07/20

Here we are already in the middle of Summer.  How is your garden growing?  Our reading today speaks of seed growing and maturing.  While the rain and sun nourish the plants to grow, much depends on the kind of soil they are planted in.  We gather on the weekend ... Read More »

14 OT

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 7/01/20

As we gather together on this 4th of July holiday weekend let us rejoice in the freedom Jesus offers us from our heavy burdens.  We hear our Lord’s comforting words, “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.”  Let those words ... Read More »