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April 5, 2020

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 3/30/20

In my nearly 47 years as a priest did I ever think we would not be celebrating Holy Week.  Sunday the blessing of Palms and the reading of the Passion, Tuesday Mass of Chrism where the three oils used in the various sacraments are blessed and consecrated and then ... Read More »

March 29

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 3/24/20

Here we are at the second weekend we are unable to gather because of the Coronavirus. But nonetheless, we celebrate the Fifth Sunday of our Lenten journey of forty days. In the Gospels of the last two weeks Jesus gave water to those who thirsted and light to those ... Read More »

Update on virus impact on parish

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 3/18/20

By now you are well aware that we will not be celebrating Mass on the weekends, as well as on Tuesdays.

All meetings and other scheduled parish events are also canceled.

In the event there is a death in the family we still will be having funerals; although it ... Read More »

Lent 3

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 3/12/20

Our world is made up of 71% water.  The human body is made up of 60%.  As we explore space and if there is life on other planets, the first thing they look for is water.  Some say if there is even another world war, it won’t be over ... Read More »

Lent 2

Posted by Fr Bob Betz on 3/05/20

As we began the Lenten Season we enrolled as penitents with the mandate to Repent, that is, turn away from sin and be more faithful and believe in the Gospel. 

Last Sunday we found ourselves in the desert with Jesus where he was tempted by the devil.  Today Jesus ... Read More »