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Lent 2

As we began the Lenten Season we enrolled as penitents with the mandate to Repent, that is, turn away from sin and be more faithful and believe in the Gospel. 

Last Sunday we found ourselves in the desert with Jesus where he was tempted by the devil.  Today Jesus takes Peter, James, and John and climbs a mountaintop on which he is transfigured.  In both cases Jesus remains faithful to the will of God.  This transfiguration of the Lord gives us a glimpse of the glory of the Resurrection-a sneak preview of the outcome of his passion and death.  Jesus becomes disfigured for our sins, to be transfigured in glory in the end.

The voice of this heavenly Father heard at his baptism, the beginning of his public life, is now heard toward the end of his life, affirming    all that Jesus said and did.  “Listen to this Jesus in whom I am well pleased, my beloved Son, listen to Him.” 

Peter, evidently wanted to stay on the mountain for he asked if he should set up three tents, one for Moses, one for Elijah, and one for Jesus.  That was not the plan.  Their event was to bolster them and prepare them for the crucifixion.  The significance for us would be, that we ascend the mountaintop for a space of silence to find ourselves and better perceive the voice of the Lord.  This we do in prayer.  But we cannot stay there.  Our encounter with God in prayer inspires us to descend the mountain and return to meet our many sisters and brothers in need.  When we hear the word of Jesus, this Word grows by giving it to others who are suffering sickness, injustice, poverty and ignorance.  So part of our Lenten observance is to listen to Jesus and pray, and offer him to others.  May our celebration of this Second Sunday of Lent bring us all that transfiguring experience.

Love, Peace, Joy

Fr. Bob


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