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March 29

Here we are at the second weekend we are unable to gather because of the Coronavirus. But nonetheless, we celebrate the Fifth Sunday of our Lenten journey of forty days. In the Gospels of the last two weeks Jesus gave water to those who thirsted and light to those who could not see. Water and light are absolute essentials of life. Today we hear Jesus giving life itself to someone who has died.

In this world nothing is more powerful than death. It cannot be undone. It happens to everything and everyone who lives. Whether plant or animal, baby or elder, it is absolute, and it is final in this world. But all these readings assert God’s ultimate power over it. God will open our graves and have us rise from them. He will give life to our mortal bodies and will bring us forth from the tomb. If God has power of this kind, how could any evil in this world conquer us? With the spirit dwelling in us, even death is overcome.

There are other tombs that imprison us. Perhaps it is alcoholism or some other addiction. Perhaps it is a tomb of despair or hopelessness. Perhaps in our tomb we felt as if death were the only answer. There is no better person to help those still buried in those tombs than someone who knows the way out. Heed Jesus’ words and work to remove the stones and bandages of those still buried. We now have to overcome covid-19. Fear and panic is no way to do that. Faith, trust in God, prayer and charity will free us. The Lord releases us from the bondage of sin and promises resurrection and new life to all who believe.

Love, Peace, Joy

Fr. Bob


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