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28th Sunday in OT - October 10,2021

Living as a disciple of the Lord was never seen as a piece of cake, but a real daunting task.  Jesus challenges us and the way we live our lives.  In today’s Gospel, Jesus asks the eager young man to do two things to inherit eternal life.  The first requires we keep the commandments.  The man responds he has done this since he was young.  The second requirement was, “Go, sell what you have and give it to the poor, then come and follow me.”  This leads him to go away sadly.  He is unwilling to leave his rich lifestyle and pay the price Jesus requires.  Any change in our life means letting go of something.  To follow Jesus is the greatest treasure of all, however it is easier to choose the treasures we already have.

Before Jesus asks of him anything, our Lord looked at him, and loved him.  Only two words, but Mark’s Gospel thought these two words were important enough to include them.  He said them to us, as well.  We know the commandments and try to live them.  So before asking us to pay the cost of following Him, Jesus assures us that he loves us.

Even the disciples, who left their homes, possessions, and families, couldn’t believe that anyone could possibly inherit eternal life.  On our own it is impossible for any of us to do it.  But it is not a matter of doing but in being; being a disciple.  With God, all things are possible.  God is the doer.  May His living word penetrate our hearts, readying us for God’s saving grace.

Love, Peace, Joy,

Fr. Bob

October is the month of Mary and the rosary.  So in a special way we turn to her as a model of God’s great love.  From the moment of her yes, heaven and earth were united.  God became human so we could become divine.  This was, and is, a great mystery.  We pray it over and over in each mystery of the rosary.  These mysteries; sorrowful, joyful, glorious, and luminous are full encounters.  We meet with Jesus and Mary with the communion of love within the Trinity, and with the Communion of Saints.

Mary Queen of the Rosary,

Pray for us.


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