3rd Sunday of Easter - April 23, 2023

As we continue our celebration of Easter, we praise God for this miracle that brings new life to us all, and we pray that we will continue to grow in understanding of the many ramifications of this event.  Today we hear the story of how two disciples, making their way back to Emmaus, slowly grow in understanding until the moment the stranger they had met on the road breaks bread with them.  Suddenly they recognized the stranger as the risen Lord in their midst.

How would this Gospel passage have ended had the two disciples not invited the stranger to come and stay? If the disciples had just said goodbye and wished him a good trip instead of inviting him to come and stay with them, would they have ever realized who he was?  Perhaps we have encountered Christ in a stranger as well, but just never noticed because we didn’t take that extra step.  May we always be open to recognize the Lord in our midst as well.

Love, Peace, Joy,

Fr. Bob


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