3rd Sunday OT - January 24, 2021

Did you ever know someone who inspired great confidence in you?  When I was five years old, I asked my pastor, Fr. Max Adamski, if I could start serving Mass.  His response was, “Come next Sunday and you can begin.”  Ever since then I wanted to be a priest.  Even though I was a little afraid and not quite up to the task, his enthusiasm and assurance made me believe I could fulfill the ministry.  When Jesus approached the fisherman in Galilee, who would become his disciples, they were just ordinary people, doing ordinary things.  His presence and confidence made all the difference in their lives.

There were many fishermen in Galilee.  One historian wrote that there were 330 fishing boats on the lake.  The first people that Jesus picked were common, ordinary fishermen.  Lincoln once wrote, “God must love common people.  He made so many of them.”  Jesus can make remarkable human beings out of common humanity.  He calls, and they left their work immediately.  Mark is stressing that the time is now.  The Kingdom is near and there is no time to lose.  It is an urgent call to discipleship.

God calls each one of us to know Him, love Him, and serve Him in a way that is unique for each one of us.  He wants and needs us to be witnesses and servants of His Kingdom.  No matter how old or         well-educated or even how dedicated we may be, God’s call will challenge us and enliven a new spirit within.  If we are faithful to His calling, we will find that we are transformed over time.  He will form us into his disciples and gift us with all we need to make a difference in the world, just as he formed the apostles and prophets we read about in our scriptures today.  All God is looking for are humble and open hearts.  No task will be too great when Christ is there to lead us.

Love, Peace, Joy,

Fr. Bob


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