4th Sunday of Easter - April 30, 2023

As sheep willingly follow their own shepherd, whose voice they recognize and who calls them by name, we willingly follow the Lord Jesus, for we know his voice and he calls us each by name.  I feel privileged, along with Fr. George and the entire staff to help shepherd one another along the path of life.  Gathered together on this Good Shepherd Sunday, let us pray that all of us become more attuned to his voice so that we may more effectively continue his mission in the world.

In the part of this lesson that makes up today’s Gospel, Jesus describes himself as the gate to the sheepfold.  The gate serves two purposes.  Closed, it protects the sheep in the sheepfold from robbers and predators; open it allows the sheep to come and go in response to the sound of their shepherd’s voice.  Imagine that instead of an iron or wooden gate at the opening of the sheepfold, there is only Jesus.  Jesus is stronger than any gate, better able to protect the sheep from harm.  And Jesus is more forgiving and loving than any gate, welcoming the lost and caring for the hurting.

Love, Peace, Joy,

Fr. Bob

Today is also a World Day of Prayer for Vocations.  May God bless the Church with many priests, deacons, lay ministers, and all people to hear the call to serve in his kingdom.

Another noticeable day this week is Monday, May 1, St. Joseph the worker, and Friday, Cinco de Mayo, which celebrates the Battle of Puebla in 1862 over France.


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