5th Sunday of Easter - May 7, 2023

As we continue our Easter celebration, we give praise and thanks to God for sending us his Son, who sacrificed his life to save us, who has shown us the way to eternal life.  Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth, and the life.”  The apostles will not understand what he means until after he dies and is raised.  As we already know what came later, may the words he said then, inspire us to follow him now.

The eleven apostles who remained after the Resurrection selected Matthias to replace Judas so that they could once again be twelve, symbolizing the twelve tribes of Israel.  Today we hear them commission seven leaders from among the Hellenists.  Seven signified universality and completion, for it was considered a perfect number.  The numbers of those called to lead, twelve and seven, symbolize both their roots and their mission.

Jesus promises his disciples a dwelling place in his father’s house.  When asked where they can find this place, he tells the disciples that he is the way.  The destination, therefore, is already found in the journey.  Our home is the Lord, who accommodates us on all our diversities of language, age, culture, and orientation, for he has many dwelling places, all brought together in our God.  In Jesus we encounter not only the way, but our eternal home.  He is the truth and the life.  As Jesus prepares a dwelling place for us in God, he also prepares in us a dwelling place for God.

Love, Peace, Joy,

Fr. Bob


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