6th Sunday of Easter - May 14, 2023

Jesus promises the disciples in today’s Gospel, “I will not leave you orphans.”  Emphasizing the importance of the care that a parent or friend gives.  On Mother’s Day, we honor our mothers, living and deceased, and all those who have been like mothers to us.  We remember those who have cared for us, those who continue to care for us, and those who will always care for us, in the similar way to how God always has and always will care for us.

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments,” Jesus told the disciples (John 14:15).  Taken one way, it may seem quite demanding, but it was really the equivalent of saying, “If you love me, you will want to keep my commandments.”  Think about someone you love dearly-your spouse, your significant other, your parents, your child,  or a friend.  Do you not want to do what they ask?  You want to please them.  You want to bring them joy.  Assuming that they are sincere and not demanding or unreasonable, you want to do what they ask.  Submission to someone else’s will is a consequence of love.  Love of God brings us a desire to do God’s will, to do what God asks of us.

Love, Peace, Joy,

Fr. Bob

Just a reminder that the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord (forty days after Easter) has been transferred to next weekend.


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