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Christmas 2020 / Holy Family December 27, 2020

The tree may be down, the presents put away, along with the outside decorations, but the church continues to celebrate the festive season of Christmas by honoring this weekend, The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  Like all families, they had their happy and sad moments.  Recall Joseph’s plan to divorce Mary to protect her from shame when her pregnancy was discovered.  Or giving birth in a stable.  There was that secret flight to Egypt to avoid Herod’s murderous rage.  They lost track of Jesus on their way home from Jerusalem.  They never gave up.  Their faith and trust in God and their love for one another showed us how to handle the storms of life.

Love is what makes a family holy.  It is the divine love of God that the Holy Spirit pours into our hearts.  “A love that bears all things, hopes all things, and forgives all things.”  (Romans 5:5)

Today we understand that family is more than husband, wife, and child-the traditional family.  There are single-parent families, foster families, blended families, gay families, or just a group of closely linked, mutually supportive persons whom frequently interact.   In a time when our world, our country, and even our church is so divided, we need to remind one another that we are all part of one family, the family of God.  Every family has a heavenly Father who loves them and delights in teaching them how to love each other.  As we thankfully say good-bye to 2020, let us embrace the New Year as a new beginning.  Father, pour out your merciful, healing love on every family today and throughout the New Year. 

Health and happiness to all our families.

Love, Peace, Joy,

Fr. Bob


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