Divine Mercy - April 7, 2024

Still rejoicing in the glory of Easter, today we celebrate God’s unparalleled mercy.  Out of mercy for all of us, Jesus died on the cross, atoning for our sins, past, present, and future.  Out of mercy for those whose faith is weak or doubt is strong, Jesus comes to reassure us of his eternal presence.  Out of mercy for those who cannot see him, Jesus blesses them in their faith.  This Easter season of fifty days, let us rejoice, for the risen Lord is in our midst, forever bestowing God’s divine mercy upon us.

John writes that the disciples locked the doors of the upper room for fear of the Jews, but it may well be that they were afraid of more than the religions authorities.  After all, they abandoned him at the end.  No one was there to oppose the mob chanting for his crucifixion.  Peter denied him three times.  Simon the Cyrenian had to help carry his cross.  Perhaps what the disciples really feared was God’s judgment.  They feared that he would return disappointed in them and angry at them.  But Jesus disarms them when he greets them, “Peace be with you.”

With these four words, Jesus forgives them, offering the divine mercy we celebrate today.  When we say these four words to someone, be it family or just an acquaintance, we share the divine mercy with them.  They may have hurt us, we may have fought with them, we may have avoided them, but with these simple four words we reconcile with them, extending the mercy that forgives past wrongs, realizing that God’s mercy is given to us all.

Love, Peace, Joy,

Fr. Bob


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