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Happy to be at St. James

It has been exactly one year since I retired and since a priest never really retires, we call that becoming a senior priest.  At that same time, Dan asked me to become one of the assisting priests here at St. James.  I have come to find here a family, a home, and a real church community of which I feel very much a part.  There is a wonderful staff, great prayer and music, and a true spirit of what it means to be a catholic parish. 

Then the surprise to all of us, that Dan and Annie had decided to return to Michigan (I hope that doesn’t mean they will be Lion fans).  In light of the absence of a Parish Director, the diocese has asked me to be the Temporary Administrator.  It was easy to say “yes.”  Dan has left this parish in excellent shape spiritually, financially, and structurally.  For that we are grateful.  In addition, St. James has the three “Hs”, good hymns, hospitality, and homilies.  The music and prayer are inspiring, the hospitality is very welcoming, and Fr. George and I pledge to deliver challenging, thought provoking, and comforting messages each weekend.

I hope you are as proud and excited as I am about the future of  St. James.  Share that good news of our terrific community with your friends, families, and neighbors.  We have been growing in numbers, attendance, and charity.  That along with our remodeling project makes for a wonderful time to be a member of St. James Parish. 

If there is any way I may be of help to you, please feel free to ask.  I invite your comments both positive and negative.  On this Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, we are reminded that the Eucharist, the Mass, and the liturgy is the source and summit of all the Church’s activities.  Together we can do great things for Christ’s church.

Love, Peace, and Joy

-Fr. Bob


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