OT 12

We are back to green colors for the vestments and the surrounding environment.  It tells us we are in the ordinary liturgical season.  Not in the sense of ordinary or routine, but the ordered events in the life of our Lord.  Prior to this we were celebrating Lent, Holy Week, the Triduum, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, and the Solemnity of the Trinity and the Body and Blood of Christ.

Then in the midst of all that, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and the brutal death of George Floyd, bringing demonstrations across our country and the world.  Some have called these two events “the perfect storm.”  They have changed our lives in many ways, even the way we worship.

In our readings today, Jeremiah the prophet is being attacked and persecuted, but believes the Lord will rescue him from his enemies.  And the Gospel is Jesus sending the twelve out on a mission telling them not to be afraid.  These messages are good news for us as well in these troubled times.

As we honor our fathers this holiday weekend, we hear our Lord reminding us of the tender care of His heavenly Father.  Our heavenly Father too, watches over us faithfully and lovingly; every hair on our head is accounted for.  Therefore, if God both knows all things that happen to us, and is able to save us and willing to do so, then whatever we may suffer, we need not think that God has forgotten us in our trials.  So Jesus reminds us, “Don’t be afraid.  You are more valuable than many sparrows.”  For even if that which we dread prevails, it prevails only over our bodies.  He has power over life and death.  Let us feel safe and secure in His vigilant care even in the midst of a perfect storm.

Love, Peace, Joy

Fr. Bob


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