Rummage Thank You and Weekend Parable

Let me begin with words of gratitude on the success of another Rummage Sale fund-raiser.  First, and foremost, to Bernie Bellin and all his co-workers for the many, many hours they put in toward the great outcome we had.  Secondly, to those who brought items for the bake sale.  And finally, to all of you who donated items to be bought and sold.

As summer turns to fall, many of the Gospel readings concern themselves with the Last Judgment.  Our worthiness for eternal life in heaven can be indicated by the way we treat each other and the way we handle our possessions.

Today’s parable is a difficult one to interpret.  It’s a story about two crooks.  The steward who was in charge of running his master’s estate while the landlord is absent.  And, the debtors, who owed the rent.  This was often paid in kind or a portion of the produce.  The steward knew he was about to lose his job, so he came up with the idea of juggling the books.  Therefore, the debtors would be grateful to him and he could also blackmail them. 

After extolling the prudence and cleverness of the practical steward, Jesus gives a practical reason for being honest and trustworthy.  You will be trusted with true wealth.  What is true wealth?  It can hardly be material wealth for he warns us that we can’t give highest priority to God and money.  May we be trusted to use our time, talent, and earthly treasures in order to be worthy of the treasure of heaven.

Love, Peace, Joy

-Fr. Bob


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